Is this meeting not just a meeting, remember that picture of 2017 and Nitish Kumar’s sharp move?

The picture of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, who has made political coups four times in 10 years, with PM Modi is being discussed in every street of Bihar. In fact, Nitish Kumar was also invited to the G-20 meeting held in Delhi. It was there that he met PM Modi. This meeting looked very different from the harshness shown by Nitish Kumar after the break of the NDA alliance. Due to the way the expressions were visible between the two, many kinds of speculations have started.

In fact, a similar meeting took place with PM Modi in the year 2017 also, after which Nitish Kumar broke ties with the Grand Alliance and formed the government with BJP. That meeting took place at the felicitation ceremony of the President of Mauritius. 

(Nitish Kumar had changed sides after this meeting in 2017)

However, similarly in the year 2022, he broke ties with NDA after 2 months of meeting Tejashwi Yadav. In May 2022, there was a meeting between Tejashwi and Nitish at the Chief Minister’s residence for about an hour, in which the blueprint of the grand coalition government was drawn."text-align: justify;">There are also reports of Nitish Kumar’s alleged displeasure after the picture of the two leaders from G-20 and not being made the coordinator of the opposition alliance. In such a situation, the question is whether this meeting in Delhi should be considered merely a part of a protocol or speculation should be made keeping in mind the body language.

First understand from the graphics when did Nitish change sides?

Why there is speculation about Nitish joining NDA, 3 reasons…

The speculation about Nitish joining NDA is not unreasonable. There are 3 main reasons for this, which are far away from the political headlines.

1. INDIA Nitish is not getting green signal in the alliance. After leaving the NDA alliance, Nitish Kumar started the efforts of opposition front. Nitish’s strategy of bringing everyone together was successful to a great extent. 28 parties including Congress announced to form a front against BJP. 

The front was named India (Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance). India alliance has held 3 meetings so far. A meeting of the coordination committee of the alliance was also held recently. Despite so many meetings, Nitish’s hands are still empty. 

People of JDU call Nitish Kumar the strongest contender for the post of Prime Minister, but till now Nitish has not got the green signal for this from the India Alliance. Not only this, Lalu Yadav also does not seem to be advocating for Nitish’s promotion. 

Nitish had earlier hoped that by lobbying Lalu, he would be able to win over those parties with whom he does not have good contact. On the contrary, RJD leaders have repeatedly asked Nitish Kumar to leave the post of Chief Minister. Whereas Lalu Yadav has talked about making Congress leader Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister. Whereas JDU considers Nitish as the biggest contender for this post.

A political ‘deal’ is also discussed a lot in the political circles of Bihar. According to this deal

Taking aim at Nitish Kumar, LJP (R)’s Chirag Paswan said that the Chief Minister always changes sides to save his chair. Even in 2017 and 2022, he changed sides only to keep the Chief Minister’s chair safe. 

2. Silence on Harivansh, Sanjay Jha put forward
Nitish Kumar is maintaining silence on Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh. Harivansh’s role on the Delhi Bill had come under question. After this, Nitish was criticized a lot. To avoid this, the party showed Harivansh a way out of the National Executive.

However, Harivansh is still a member of JDU. Harivansh had also met Nitish Kumar in July. Harivansh played a big role in bringing Nitish Kumar closer to NDA in 2017. 

According to JDU national president Lalan Singh, at that time Harivansh, RCP Singh and Sanjay Jha had convinced Nitish to break the alliance with RJD. 

While on one hand Nitish is maintaining silence on Harivansh, on the other hand he is promoting Sanjay Jha politically. When Lalan Singh did not attend the Coordination Committee meeting in Delhi on Wednesday, Nitish sent Sanjay Jha.

Sanjay Jha is a minister in the Bihar government and national general secretary of JDU. Jha is the only leader in the national organization who also holds the post of minister in the government and official in the party.

3. ED-IT raid on JDU leaders and their close ones
In the last 6 months, ED and Income Tax Department have put many JDU leaders on the radar. On Wednesday, ED arrested JDU MLC Radhacharan Seth. Radha Charan Seth is accused of embezzlement of crores of rupees in sand ghat contracts and tax evasion.

In political circles, Seth is also called a fund raiser of JDU. Before tightening the noose on Seth, in June 2023, Income Tax had raided the houses of close relatives of JDU President Lalan Singh and Bihar Government Minister Vijay Chaudhary. 

This Income Tax action was taken against Minister Vijay Chaudhary’s brother-in-law Ajay Singh alias Karu and Gabbu Singh, close to Lalan Singh. Both are accused of tax evasion. However, JDU says that the raids are being conducted to harass in the election year.

Why is Nitish Kumar important for BJP?
Big leaders of BJP have said that they will not take Nitish Kumar along again. However, experts say that Nitish is still important for BJP in Bihar. After breaking of alliance with Nitish Kumar in Bihar, BJP is divided into many factions.

Nitish Kumar has also shown his power by joining 28 parties together. For the first time, due to the efforts of a leader, so many parties have agreed to join the Congress. BJP also knows that if Nitish stays in India, the clan can grow further.

Apart from this, many surveys have estimated a decrease in BJP’s seats in Bihar. According to the survey of India Today-C Voter, 26 seats are going to the account of ‘India’ alliance and 14 seats to the account of NDA. There are total 40 Lok Sabha seats in Bihar.

In the last elections, BJP had won 17 seats, LJP had won 6 and JDU had won 16 seats. Apart from Bihar, JDU also has influence in Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Nitish Kumar’s party is capable of causing an upset on 2 seats in Jharkhand.

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