Indian Coast Guard saved the lives of Chinese citizens, so what did the dragon’s embassy say, know

Indian Coast Guard: The Indian Coast Guard saved the lives of Chinese citizens on Wednesday (August 16). In the latest developments, the Chinese Embassy has praised the Indian Coast Guard. The Indian Coast Guard rescued this civilian from the middle of the Arabian Sea, 200 km from Mumbai, for medical assistance.

The Chinese Embassy tweeted on the matter, “Our heartfelt appreciation to the Indian Coast Guard for the timely and professional medical evacuation of a Chinese national in the Arabian Sea near Mumbai.” The Marine Rescue Coordination Center in Mumbai received information on Wednesday that a crew member on the research vessel – Yin Weiyang – had suffered a heart attack and needed immediate medical attention.

What’s the matter?

Actually, on the intervening night of 16 and 17 August, a Chinese national aboard a foreign vessel in the Arabian Sea near Mumbai was seriously ill and was in dire need of treatment, for which the Indian Coast Guard put in full force.< /p>

The Coast Guard took off from Daman with an Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Mark-III in the dark amid meteorological challenges and the patient was safely air-lifted within a short time. The Chinese vessel was on its way to the United Arab Emirates.

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