India-Pakistan Border: Pakistani man crossed the border and entered India, BSF first caught him and then sent him back, know the whole matter

Pakistani Man Cross Border: The Border Security Force (BSF) caught a Pakistani national near the international border near Amritsar in Punjab. The Pakistani citizen had crossed the international border and entered Indian territory. He was handed over to Pakistan security forces when no suspicion was found during investigation.

This has happened before

On the India-Pakistan border, many times by mistake citizens move into each other’s territory. Earlier on June 27, the BSF had arrested a Pakistani national for crossing the international border near Firozpur in Punjab. The Pakistani national was arrested by BSF personnel when he crossed the international border near Hazara Singh Wala village in Ferozepur and entered India.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the Pakistani citizen had accidentally entered the Indian border. The PRO of Punjab Frontier had told that the Pakistani citizen had crossed the border by mistake. Nothing objectionable was found on him.

After this BSF contacted Pakistani Rangers and lodged a protest against Pakistani citizen entering India. After this, the Pakistani man who accidentally crossed the border was handed over to the Pakistani Rangers on humanitarian grounds.

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