How was the heritage of all countries shown in Bharat Mandapam? All heads of state including Rishi Sunak liked it very much

Bharat Mandapam Cultural Corridor: Recently, India hosted the G20, which was organized at Bharat Mandapam in the capital Delhi. The Culture Corridor was organized here by the Cultural Ministry. In this culture corridor, exhibitions related to cultural symbols, political symbols and historical heritage of the country were organized. Where the things written 2500 years ago by Panini’s Ashtadhyayi from India were presented.

Hut from Korea’s side, their national dress from Japan’s side, Mujibur Rahman’s statue from Bangladesh’s, their dress from Indonesia’s side, their parliament from Brazil’s side, their ethnic gown from Russia’s side were put in the exhibition.

All countries understood each other’s culture

The purpose behind installing these national heritage sites was that all the countries could know and understand each other’s national heritage in a better way. Also, get more excited by seeing the symbols of your country. A digital museum was also created by the Ministry of Culture, where 30-second videos from all the countries were being played. In this, a confluence of political glimpse of the country, cultural aspects, natural beauty, beauty and art of the country was seen. All this was being controlled from the Digital Museum remote.

In such a situation, the video was being played according to the country that came there and the delegates of that country. From the Indian side, glimpses of River Ganga, Ganga Aarti, Yoga, penance of sages, Himalayan range and all the forests of India were included in the video.

What did the Secretary of the Ministry of Culture say?

Govind Mohan, Secretary, Ministry of Culture said, "Our only objective was that all the countries should know each other better and understand each other better. We are all one under one roof under one roof. It has not been opened for the general public yet and we are considering it, but thousands of school children came to see it. We got a lot of encouragement regarding this."

The Secretary of the Ministry of Culture said, "We have been able to come up with this after about 6 months of hard work, in which we wrote many mails to many countries. After that the countries requested to send whatever they consider as their heritage and then this is presented before you all together. Many areas have been created in this corridor, where one can sit digitally and understand and listen to one’s country. You can also understand the culture of other countries." 

India’s heritage presented in Sanskrit

Leena Pandey, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture said, "Rigveda, Ashtadhyayi were presented by India, in which we have beautifully shown our heritage and culture in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the language which has got the title of being the best and perfect. However, many other languages ​​have also been used here, so that delegates from other countries can understand it better."

Rishi Sunak liked it

Joint Secretary further said, "We received a lot of encouragement from the national presidents of all the countries. When he reached here, he posed for photographs with his sculptures many times and also showed interest in knowing about other countries. British PM Rishi Sunak went to Magna Carta and tried to find out how we made it. The President of Australia visited our digital museum several times. The PM of Japan even told us that this is the same place where we live. We received many such compliments about which we are very happy."

Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Culture said, "Preparations for all these things were going on many months ago. We completed it after many efforts. First of all we got the painting of Monalisa from France, after which all the countries selected their national heritage and things of their choice and sent us and we were able to organize the exhibition."text-align: justify;">Also read: Ignored the Whip, problems may increase for Thackeray group MPs, Shiv Sena MP Rahul Shewale said this.

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