How many seats can Congress ‘sacrifice’ for Akhilesh, Kejriwal and Mamta?

The opposition front has united to contest against the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections to be held in the year 2024. Leaders of 26 parties had to hold several rounds of meetings to unite the opposition. In the meeting held in Bengaluru on 17th and 18th July, the name of the alliance of the opposition parties was discussed to outline the future strategy and issues.

However, no decision has been taken yet on many important issues ranging from seat sharing to PM face. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge definitely said that Congress is not interested in the post of PM. He said that our intention is not to gain power for Congress but to protect India’s constitution, democracy, secularism and social justice.

Political experts say that taking this decision of the Congress is a part of a very well thought out strategy. But the question arises whether the Congress party, which has shown big heart by withdrawing itself from the claim of the post of PM, will now be ready to back down even on the issue of seat-sharing? 

These challenges are going to come in front of 26 parties involved in INDIA

Two meetings of opposition solidarity have been held. The 26 parties involved in INDIA will now meet in Mumbai for the next meeting. Where the face of the opposition alliance can be decided.

Apart from the PM’s face, the party’s convenor, many things are yet to be agreed upon in the alliance. In the coming times, many challenges will come in front of the alliance. Like seat sharing, common candidate and ambitions of regional parties.

Apart from all this, the list of contenders for the post of PM in the alliance is also long. On the one hand in the race for the post of PM where the names of many big leaders like Nitish Kumar, Sharad Pawar, Mamta Banerjee, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal are coming to the fore.

Will the Congress compromise on seats after the post of PM?

Political Science professor Ankul Mishra told ABP that Congress, being the largest and oldest party among the 26 parties in the alliance, has moved a step ahead and distanced itself from the claim for the post of PM.

Now when it comes to seat sharing, the Congress can ask other parties to show as big a heart as it is to field its candidate.

Congress may have to do more brainstorming over seat sharing in Punjab, Delhi, UP and West Bengal.

Congress will have to make compromises in a state dominated by regional parties
From Rahul Gandhi to Mallikarjun Kharge, many Congress leaders have publicly stated that their party’s goal is not to become the PM but to oust the BJP from power.

How much the Congress implements its statement, it was proved by removing itself from the claim of the post of PM.

The party wants to defeat the BJP in this Lok Sabha election at any cost, because the Congress is facing defeat in the last two Lok Sabha elections. In such a situation, if it loses the election this time too, then it may be difficult for the party to save its political existence.

At present, there will be contest between NDA and INDIA on most of the seats in the 543-seat Lok Sabha. According to the formula of opposition unity, INDIA is thinking of fielding a candidate against NDA on 450 seats. If this happens, there will be a one-on-one election between NDA and INDIA.

Congress will have to contest on fewer seats

20 seats in Punjab-Delhi, can talk be done on 10-10?
Punjab has 13 Lok Sabha seats, where Congress won 8 seats in 2019. You had won one seat. In Punjab, Congress can contest on 7 seats and AAP on 6 seats. Talking about Delhi, there are a total of 7 Lok Sabha seats in Delhi.

In 2019, all the seven seats went to BJP’s account. On 4 AAP and on 3 Congress was second. Seats can be divided here under this formula.

Manmutab seat will not be available in UP-Bengal
Congress claims more seats in UP, but SP is not ready to give. According to the alliance formula, Congress can get 7-12 seats in Uttar Pradesh. These include seats like Rae Bareli, Amethi, Kushinagar, Fatehpur Sikri, Kanpur, Bijnor and Sitapur.

Congress is claiming 21 seats on the basis of 2009 results. Even in West Bengal, Congress hardly gets more than 6 seats. Under the formula, Trinamool can contest 32 seats, Congress 6 and CPM 4 seats.

History of sacrifices of Congress

Jharkhand Pradesh Congress President Rajesh Thakur talks to ABP on the claim seat agreement for the post of PM, says, ‘This is not happening for the first time when Congress is compromising for the country. If we wanted, Sonia Gandhi would have become the Prime Minister in 2004 itself. Congress has a history of making sacrifices. Indira Gandhi sacrificed her life in the service of the country, Rajiv Gandhi sacrificed his life for international peace. Congress has been making such sacrifices.

How many seats did the Congress contest in the last five elections and how many seats did it win

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