Hardeep Singh Nijjar: India slammed Canada on the allegation of murder of Khalistani terrorist, said- ‘Absurd and politically motivated…’

Canada-India Relations: India on Tuesday rejected Canada’s allegations that Indian agents may have been involved in the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. In fact, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a big accusation on India and said that the Indian government could be behind the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar. In response to this, the Government of India has now issued a statement criticizing Canada. 

The Indian government has earlier also denied its role in Nijjar’s murder. It has been raised in Canada earlier also that Nijjar was murdered by Indian agents. But India has rejected these allegations against itself. Canada has also expelled its top Indian diplomat in view of the investigation into India’s role in Nijjar’s murder. It is believed that after this incident, relations between India and Canada are going to deteriorate further. 

What did India say on Canada’s allegations? 

The Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday morning saying that the statement given by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Parliament has been scrutinized. The statement of his Foreign Minister has also been heard. We reject the allegations of the Canadian PM and Foreign Minister. Accusing the Indian government of being involved in any violence taking place in Canada is extremely absurd and politically motivated. The statement further said that the Canadian Prime Minister made similar allegations against our Prime Minister. We had rejected that also outright. We have remained committed to democratic values ​​regarding the rule of law. 

The ministry said in its statement that such baseless allegations are to divert attention from Khalistani terrorists and extremists. They are being given shelter in Canada, while they remain a threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India. The Canadian government has remained silent on this issue, which is a matter of concern for us. Canadian leaders have also shown sympathy towards these extremists, which is a matter of concern. 

India’s Ministry of External Affairs said that illegal activities including murder, human trafficking and organized crime are nothing new in Canada. We reject any attempt to link the Indian government to such matters. We request the Government of Canada to take prompt and effective legal action against all anti-India elements operating on its soil. 

What did Canada allege? 

In fact, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau alleged that the murder of Khalistani terrorist in Canada may be linked to the Indian government. Addressing the Canadian Parliament, Trudeau said that Canadian intelligence agencies have started investigating the allegations after the murder of Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar. He said that it is not at all acceptable for a foreign government to be behind the murder of a Canadian citizen on our country’s soil. This is a violation of our sovereignty. In June, Nijjar was shot dead outside a gurudwara in British Columbia. 

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