Gautam Adani spoke on Rahul Gandhi for the first time, said- He has to run his own political party, he gives statements on me in a fit of rage

Gautam Adani commented on Rahul Gandhi: Gautam Adani, considered the third richest person in the world, publicly commented on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for the first time. Commented. Gautam Adani called Rahul Gandhi a respected leader of the country and said that he also wants progress in the country. Gautam Adani also reacted to Rahul Gandhi’s ‘sharp’ statements. . Adani said that Rahul Gandhi is a senior leader of the Congress party. He said, “He (Rahul Gandhi) is a respected leader of the country. I see that they also want the progress of the country. Sometimes Rahul makes statements on me in political passion, accuses I do not consider his statements as more than political rhetoric.

Adani spoke on Rahul Gandhi for the first time


On the question of the journalist, Adani quipped that I feel that by talking about Rahul Gandhi, you will make me quarrel with him, then he will give a statement tomorrow. They said, "I agree that he is a respected leader. He also runs a political party. Well, there is a fight for their ideology and there is accusation and counter-accusation. I am a normal businessman. I keep doing my work. They do their politics in their own way."

‘Our group’s business in 22 states of the country’

Earlier, Gautam Adani completely denied the allegations of getting attention from the Modi government. He said that my business is spread in 22 states of the country, not all of them (states) are ruled by the BJP. Went to Rajasthan Investors Summit on Gehlot’s invitation. Later, Rahul (Gandhi) also praised our investment in Rajasthan.

Adani said, ‘The secret of my success is hard work. My business progressed during the era of Rajiv Gandhi government of Congress and today it is spread in 22 states."

In an interview given on India TV channel, he said, "There is only one formula that works in my business and practical life, hard work, hard work." 

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