G20 Summit: Royal arrangements for foreign guests coming to India, from road to hotel ready to welcome

G20 Summit 2023: The capital Delhi has been decorated like a bride before the G20 Summit. From the walls of Delhi to the streets, the spirit of the G20 summit is rising. In such a situation, it is also being curious that in which hotel the heads of the countries coming to the meeting will stay, what arrangements are there to welcome them. What facilities will be available in the rooms in which they will stay and the most important thing which has become a matter of curiosity for every countryman is that what will be served to these guests? If you want to know the answers to these questions, then today we are telling you every information about it. 

The delegation of Japan and Canada will stay at Hotel The Lalit
First of all let’s talk about Hotel The Lalit. Situated in the heart of Delhi, this hotel is eager to provide hospitality to its guests. Special preparations have been made to welcome foreign guests in the hotel. The delegation of Japan and Canada is going to stay in this hotel.

Welcoming guests in sign language
To welcome foreign guests, the hotel has specially selected different categories of people from its staff. To welcome the guests and to showcase the diversity of the country, a member of the LGBTQI and Divyangjan group has been made part of the welcome group, who will greet the arriving guests in sign language.

Plush sofas in the living room
After the welcome, let’s talk about the hotel’s Legacy Suites rooms, where the heads of state of Canada and Japan are expected to stay. Here plush sofas are kept in the living room and the dining room is decorated with a beautiful dining table, where 10 people can eat together. Apart from this, it has a mini kitchen, three bathrooms, a mini bedroom and a master bedroom.

Connaught Place will be visible from the room window 
Guests staying in the room will also be able to see Connaught Place and Bharat Mandapam, the heart of Delhi directly from the window of the master bedroom. Apart from all this, all the glasses in the guest rooms are bullet proof. If we talk about the dishes served to the guests, then different types of dishes will be served for them by making the theme of millets i.e. coarse grains.

Arrangement of drums and drums for the welcome
These special preparations have been made not only in Hotel Lalit, but also in all the hotels booked for the G20 Summit. Hotel Taj Palace located in Chanakyapuri, Delhi is also ready for its guests. Special arrangements have been made for the welcome here and the guests will be welcomed in a royal style. After this, Tilak will be applied to him according to the traditional culture of India. After this, they will be dressed in special stalls made of Odisha and special garlands will also be presented to the guests.

Special dishes will be served
Very special arrangements have been made in the Taj Palace regarding food. Here also many dishes are prepared to be served to the guests on the theme of Millets i.e. coarse grains and street food. Along with welcome dishes, a variety of special dishes with coarse grains await guests in snacks and main courses.

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