G20 Summit 2023: Food for G-20 delegates will be served in utensils coated with gold and silver, CEO of the company told the specialty

G20 Summit 2023 In Delhi: Special arrangements have been made for the guests attending the G-20 summit. Food will be served to the guests in gold and silver coated utensils reflecting the cultural heritage of India. Rajeev Pabuwal, CEO of IRIS India, a Jaipur-based metalware firm, has given this information. The CEO of IRIS India has given the specialty of these utensils.

‘Even better than world class product’

Rajiv Pabuwal further said, “It (utensil) is covered with silver water and is guaranteed.” Consider it better than world class product. All the delegates who have come and gone used to say, ‘Wow’, such things are also made in India, such is the culture in India. Those people were surprised to see.”

| CEO IRIS India, Rajeev Pabuwal says, "We started this (preparations) in January 2023…We have made cutlery according to the location…We have incorporated the cutlery according to the state’s culture…Some cutlery is silver coated…We have also made a ‘ Maharaja… pic.twitter.com/bxxma7ouqL

— ANI (@ANI) September 6, 2023

Gold-silver water is mounted on utensils

Rajeev Pabuwal said, “We have kept the thali concept separately. We have made maharaja thali for different areas, in which there are bowls, silver plated, gold plated items too, just like Maharajas used to eat in their kingdoms. So, we and the team have made these according to different areas, places and cities. We have tried to keep our Indian culture and our heritage intact and show the world what India is.”

Let us tell you that the G-20 summit will be held in New Delhi on 9 and 10 September. This time India is presiding over this conference. The leaders of the countries included in the G-20 group will lead their respective delegations.

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