‘…full disclosure has not been made yet’, TMC MP Derek O’Brien said on the agenda of the special session of Parliament

Parliament Special Session 2023:  On the agenda of the special session of Parliament, Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Derek O’Brien targeted the central government on Thursday (14 September). Regarding the special session agenda of the Parliament, he said that the complete disclosure has not been made yet. 

TMC MP Derek O’Brien said that the agenda of the special session of Parliament has not been announced yet. He said, “I am saying this because he has written a very intimidating line in the agenda. He has written that this is not the complete agenda. Because of this, they can add some more work to it at the last moment by doing some tricks.”

What is the agenda?
Regarding the five-day special session of Parliament starting from September 18, it has been told that it will cover the journey, achievements, experiences of 75 years from the Constituent Assembly till today. There will be discussion on memories and learning. Apart from this, four bills are also mentioned. 

VIDEO | "The agenda of Special Parliament Session has still not been announced, and I say this because in the list of business, they have written a very sinister line there saying this is not the exhaustive list of business. They will be up to dirty tricks, and they can add some… pic.twitter.com/b3NM46XbHZ

— Press Trust of India (@PTI_News) September 14, 2023

Which four bills will be discussed?
Lok Sabha Secretariat on Wednesday issued a bulletin on which four bills will be discussed. Among these, Advocate Amendment Bill 2023 and Press and Periodical Registration Bill 2023 have been passed by Rajya Sabha. Both the bills are pending in the Lok Sabha. Apart from this, Post Office Bill 2023 and appointment of Chief Election Commissioner, other Election Commissioners, Service Conditions Bill 2023 are listed. 

Will there be an all-party meeting?
The government has called an all-party meeting on September 17.  Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi posted on social media site . ’’ He said, ‘‘In this regard, invitations have been sent to the leaders through e-mail. Letters will also be sent.’’

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