Fake Undercover Agents: Fraud in Delhi on the lines of ‘Special 26’, 3 arrested

Delhi Crime News: In Delhi, a gang has been exposed which duped people by opening fake government offices on the lines of the film ‘Special 26’. The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has busted the entire gang who cheated people by creating a fake institute in MHA in the name of giving them jobs. The police have arrested the accused named Ashish Chowdhary, Govind and Amit, the mastermind of the gang. 

According to the police, the members of this gang are so clever that they created a fake department in the name of MHA and named it ‘Department of Criminal Intelligence’. These people targeted the people by calling it the most intelligence department of the Union Home Ministry. After this, people were taken into the trap and started cheating in the name of getting a job by saying that they would get a job for Rs 5 lakh.  

Fraud by creating fake secret department

Actually the Crime Branch had received information that people are being given fake jobs by opening a fake office in the name of an MHA in Jaffarpur Kala area of ​​Delhi. Based on this information, the Crime Branch team raided by laying a trap and arrested 3 accused. According to the crime branch, any person who was given a job was told that this department is a very secret department. 

Secret Job Hoax

The accused used to refuse to tell their victim about it to anyone. They used to say that you have to do secret operations for the country. People were told that there will be training for the first 3 months, after that your salary will start coming. According to the Crime Branch, this racket was going on since 2021. According to Ravindra Yadav, Special Commissioner of Crime Branch, the people of this gang took those young boys who did not have jobs on the pretext of jobs. 

Fake training was also given to the victims

Fake training was also given in fake offices. Everyone was called from 9 to 6. Somebody used to be put on guard duty that today you have to be a guard. Someone was made to stand in the sun to see how much torture you could bear. How many reports can you make? Not only this, this gang was so cunning that they told the people that no one will talk to anyone after coming out. Don’t tell anyone about your job. 

mastermind is 10th fail

It was also told that if we come to know that someone has told about this secret job outside, he will be removed from the job on the same day. According to the police, people took this fake job by paying money, so they did not tell anyone and kept training quietly. According to the police, the mastermind of this gang, Ashish Chowdhary is not even 10th pass, but he used to call himself DSP and used to impress people in such a way that no one came to know that he was fake. 

Disclosure on non-receipt of salary

When after 3 months people’s salary did not come for several more months, then the Crime Branch came to know about this gang. After which the crime branch exposed this entire gang after raiding. The crime branch has come to know in the inquiry that till now this gang has cheated 11 people in the name of fake jobs and has cheated about 55 lakh rupees. According to the police, the investigation is still going on, there may be more arrests in this matter in the coming days. 

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