Exclusive: Indian intelligence agencies got hold of Pakistan’s ‘secret message’, know what was said in it

Pakistan-Bangladesh: Indian intelligence agencies have detected a message signed from the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan to all Pakistani missions i.e. embassies and high commissions abroad. On behalf of Pakistani Foreign Ministry, it has been sent as an urgent message to its embassies and high commissions. There is no information about India in this message, but an important information has been given about Bangladesh.

In fact, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry asked all the embassies and high commissions present abroad not to take part in Bangladesh’s ‘Armed Forces Day’ on Tuesday (21 November). The most interesting thing about the message intercepted by Indian intelligence agencies is that this message has not been sent to Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka and New Delhi-based Pakistan High Commission. Intercepting this message is being considered a big success. 

Senior officer has signed the message

According to exclusive information received by ABP News, the message sent by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry is signed by the Director General of the Foreign Ministry of the neighboring country, South Asia and SAARC. Actually, Bangladesh was once known as East Pakistan. However, in 1971, Pakistan was defeated in the war with India and then East Pakistan was freed from the clutches of Islamabad. East Pakistan later became Bangladesh.  

What is ‘Armed Forces Day’?

Bangladesh is celebrating its 52nd ‘Armed Forces Day’ on 21 November. In Bangladesh, ‘Armed Forces Day’ is celebrated with enthusiasm and enthusiasm through various programs. This day marks the establishment of the Army, Navy and Air Force during the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971. In Bangladesh, on 21 November 1971, the armed forces opened a front against Pakistan. This is how the Bangladesh Liberation War began. 

This message intercepted by Pakistan shows that it has still not been able to digest the existence of Bangladesh. However, Pakistan is trying to increase friendship with Bangladesh. But he has avoided publicly having any connection with the shame of the 1971 war. 

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