Espionage is happening in the Raj Bhavan of West Bengal! Governor made serious allegations, cited reliable information

CV Ananda Bose Snooping Claims:  West Bengal Governor CV Anand Bose has accused him of espionage in his official residence Raj Bhavan. Bose claimed on Tuesday (21 November) that he had reliable information about spying in the Governor’s House in Kolkata.

Bose said that the matter has been brought to the notice of the concerned authorities. Bose told news agency PTI, “This is a truth. I have reliable information about espionage in Raj Bhavan. That issue has been sent to the concerned authorities."

According to Hindustan Times report, Bose did not tell who was carrying out the alleged espionage efforts? It is noteworthy that Bose’s relations with the state government have been tense and there have been tussles between the two on many issues.

There has been a clash between Bose and the state government on issues related to the appointment of university vice-chancellors, the foundation day of the state, stopping of MNREGA dues of the Centre, and political violence.

‘Violence in Bengal politics’ 
Reacting to the murder of a TMC worker, on November 16, Bose had said that there is a culture of violence in Bengal politics. They said, "The law will take its course. We will definitely take strict action against it and Raj Bhavan will also do its duty."

Bose further said that strict action should be taken against violence. Along with legal action, we should also adopt social measures, because violence is affecting the politics of Bengal. Therefore the culture of violence should stop.

The name of the North Gate of Raj Bhavan changed
Earlier this month, Bose had sought a report from the university on the installation of new plaques in the name of Rabindranath Tagore. Apart from this, he also changed the name of the North Gate of Raj Bhavan to ‘Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore Gate’.

Earlier, West Bengal Speaker Biman Banerjee had also accused the Governor of delay in approving the bills. Banerjee had said that since 2011 till now, 22 bills have not received approval from Raj Bhavan. Six of these bills are currently under CV Anand.

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