Dodge the enemy’s radar, speed of 52 KMPH on sea waves… Know, why Vindhyagiri warship is important in the fight with China-Pakistan

The sixth stealth frigate Vindhyagiri of the Indian Navy’s Project 17A was launched by the President Mrs. Draupadi Murmu on August 17 and with the commissioning, the Indian Navy’s strategic capability increased significantly. Project 17A Frigates Project 17 (Shivalik Class) Frigates  It is a class in itself, with superior stealth features, advanced weapons, sensors and platform management systems. The design of the Advanced Stealth Frigates also showcases the Warship Design Bureau’s prowess in designing technologically advanced warships for the Indian Navy. Indian Navy has to be prepared in every way to counter China’s expansionist policy. 

Navy has to be strengthened

The role of the Navy is increasing in the Indian defense system and especially in view of the way economic activities are increasing through the sea and the way the tension in the Indo-Pacific region is due to China’s expansionist policy Strength is being increased continuously. A big fact which has been associated in the recent four-five years is ‘self-reliance’ belongs to. The result of this is Project Vindhyagiri. This is the sixth warship under Project 17A. In technical language it is called ‘frigate’ They say. The good thing is that work is going on in this at many levels. Seven such ships are to be built, out of which this was the sixth warship, which was commissioned on August 17 at the hands of Hon’ble President.

China playing with Pakistan  

Vindhyagiri is to get the frigate under a process. The effort remains that the multi-purpose role of the Navy, such as keeping an eye, monitoring the enemies. That monitoring also happens at many levels. Monitoring the submariners is also a task. The Navy has also said that in the Indo-Pacific region, as far as India has access, that is, up to the Strait of Malacca, the activities of the Chinese Navy have increased. Be it Chinese frigates or warships, they have also been seen at Pakistan’s ports. There is an attempt by China to lay a kind of trap, due to which it is building ports in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, warships have been seen docking there too. Despite all this, the Navy is being updated and India knows that it has to be prepared for any situation.

India is ready for every untoward

Apart from this, our second aircraft carrier is in service. Especially warships that can keep constant vigil. Under this, they are being constructed under Project 17A. It should also be remembered that the Kalvari type submarines under Project 75 are also being taken forward. In the first phase, we ourselves built six submarines at Madgaon Dockyard in Mumbai, which were of fridge design. Now it is being taken further. So, preparations are being made at every level, India is ready for any challenge. BrahMos was successfully tested recently. After that, its Air Force variant was developed and it is now a part of the Air Force. First we launched the naval version of BrahMos from INS Visakhapatnam.

Now the naval format, it can also be launched from it. Due to covering a distance of 300 km, it can be called a medium range missile. As mentioned earlier, it is called a fridge. So, Vindhyagiri and all such ships can keep watch, can attack submarines and can also attack missiles and enemy weapons. The gun of Vindhyagiri is state-of-the-art. He can also attack enemy helicopters etc. It is like icing on the cake.

Navy is the most important part of our security

Since the Navy lives in the sea, away from North India, we feel that the Navy is less focused, stays away, such is the common belief. However, the monitoring of the sea border of more than 7 thousand kilometers from our Special Economic Zone is the responsibility of the Navy. The Navy also protects our commercial interests from the Arabian Sea to East Africa and the Indo-Pacific border. Be it from pirates, enemy countries or China’s expansionist policy. As far as Pakistan is concerned, it is rapidly developing its navy at this time. He is especially emphasizing on Corbetts and Frigates and it is being said that the speed at which he is growing, he will achieve a lot in the next ten to fifteen years. China is working on its third aircraft-carrier, it has deployed submarines and ships. In the context of India trying to encircle it, China will have a naval base in Djibouti. In the coming times, the entire focus will be on the Indo-Pacific region only. Navy is not only important from the point of view of defence, we know that other exercises like Malabar exercise, Quad, ASEAN, have increased the reach of Indian Navy.

Activities will be more intense in the coming times. Concentration is also taking place from South China Sea to East China Sea and the Navy is getting ready with this tone. We should not forget one thing that the Navy is the most self-sufficient among all the three organs. If it is calculated in percentage, then it is 75 percent, that is, be it warships or weapons, India manufactures all that on its own.

Navy has always been doing security work. India’s eyes have always been on this. The problem has been China’s expansionist policy. We are increasing our capacity in Andaman Sea or Andaman-Nicobar, there are many islands around it, which are occupied by Myanmar. Those islands have been given on lease to China. So, what did this mean? Understand this to mean that China is making concrete preparations for the tension that is being created in the Indo-Pacific region from the Strait of Malacca. The Indian Navy is also fully prepared accordingly, preparing for the future.

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