‘Do not go to Jammu and Kashmir’, Canada issues advisory for its citizens amid dispute with India

India-Canada Relations: Amid the ongoing controversy over the murder of Khalistan supporter Hardeep Singh Nijjar, Canada issued an advisory for its citizens on Tuesday (September 19). In this, Canada has asked the people of its country not to travel to Jammu and Kashmir. Canada has cited security as the reason behind this.

It is written in the advisory, “Do not go to Jammu and Kashmir because here There is a threat of terrorism, extremism, civil unrest and kidnapping.” Canada has issued this advice at a time when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that Indian agents were involved in the murder of Nijjar. Also the Indian diplomat has been expelled from the country.

India has reacted strongly to this provocative step by Canada and termed the allegations as absurd. Also a senior Canadian diplomat has been expelled. Trudeau’s statement came on Tuesday itself after India’s retaliatory action. 


— ANI (@ANI) September 19, 2023

What did Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau say?
Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau  Said that the Government of India needs to take this matter very seriously. He said, ‘‘We are doing this. We are not trying to provoke or increase tension. ’’

Trudeau further said that we want to work with the Indian government to clarify everything and ensure proper processes. 

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