Corona Update: WHO told that corona virus can turn into such danger…

World Health Organization Statement About Corona: Everyone is aware of the devastation of the Corona epidemic in the world. Still this war is not completely over, but life is slowly going back to its normal course. Meanwhile, an important statement has come from the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding Kovid-19. It says that this year Kovid could become a threat like seasonal flu.

WHO said on Friday (March 17) that the Kovid-19 pandemic may stabilize to such an extent that it poses a flu-like threat. Michael Ryan, WHO’s emergencies director, said at a news conference, "I believe this year will come." He further said, “I think we are coming to the point when we can look at Kovid-19 in the same way as we look at seasonal influenza. As a virus that will continue to be a health threat, a virus that will continue to kill, but is not disrupting our societies.”

New update regarding Corona

According to the claim, a team of scientists, who had been working on the origin of the corona for a long time. He has confirmed this in 2020 after collecting genetic data form swabs from the Wuhan Seafood Wholesale Market and nearby areas. Swabs were taken from the floors, walls, carts and cages used to transport the animals, the report said.

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