Copyright Storytelling Case: American star jumps into India’s storytelling content copying case, war breaks out on social media

Copyright Storytelling Case: Many times failure in the struggle of life breaks expectations and pushes a person into despair. At such a time, to help them jump into the battle of life again and win, many online platforms create such storytelling content which changes their perspective of life. Two such favorite platforms in India are Humans of Bombay (HoB-Hub) and People of India (PoI-Poi). Of these, recently Hub has served a copyright notice to Poe. A war has broken out on social media platform X over this.

Especially since Brandon Stanton, founder of America’s famous storytelling platform Humans of New York (HoNY), has jumped into this controversy. Expressing disappointment over Hub’s legal notice, he has indicated that Hub has also been continuously copying the contents of Humans of New York. He said, ‘You cannot give notice to anyone else for the thing that I have always kept silent about and forgiven you.’

What Brandon said

What is the matter 

 In fact, recently Hub has filed a lawsuit against Poe accusing him of copyright infringement. In this, Hub has claimed that Poe copied its content and published it exactly. A notice was issued to Poi on September 18 on the case filed in the Delhi High Court. While hearing the case, Justice Pratibha Singh said that copyright infringement has taken place. The pictures are also the same. The next hearing is to be held on October 11.

People told lies on social media

Karishma Mehta started the hub in 2014. This is a very favorite website among people for publishing motivational stories in its unique way. Meanwhile, Brandon’s post has attracted the attention of many social media users. One user wrote, “Karishma Mehta, you should not do this at all. Withdraw the case. You copied Humans of New York, but they were kind, they gave you the freedom to do that. You should also behave like this with others.”

 It is written elsewhere that Hub also does not share its content but copies Humans of New York. And it’s shameful that it serves legal notice to others to do the same.” A third user wrote, “Earning money by copying others’ content and suing someone else for doing the same is the audacity of Karishma Mehta. This is a dark thing under the lamp.

Hub’s Answer 

However, Hub has responded to Brandon’s tweet. He has said that before making allegations in such a case, Humans of New York should tell what Humans of Bombay has copied from them. Hub has said that our capability is being attacked without understanding the matter. Storytelling should be original. We have faith in the justice system of India and are requesting patience to wait for the court’s decision.

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