Controversy over the constitution article of EAC-PM, opposition asked- ‘Is all this happening at the wish of the Prime Minister’, Bibek Debroy clarified

Bibek Debroy Article Row: After the recent article by Bibek Debroy, Chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to the PM (EAC-PM), the opposition leaders have targeted the central government. The Congress alleged that Bibek Debroy insisted on changing the Constitution. While RJD has also given a strong reaction on this matter. Bibek Debroy also clarified on Thursday (August 17) as the controversy escalated. 

Bibek Debroy told news agency ANI that the first thing is that whenever someone writes a column, there is always a warning in every column that this column reflects the personal views of the writer. These are not the views of the organization to which the person is associated. Unfortunately, in this case someone has attributed these views to the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council. 

Bibek Debroy clarifies

He further said that whenever the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council puts its views in the public domain, it puts them on the website and also tweets from its Twitter handle. Nothing of the sort had happened in this particular case. This is not the first time that I have written on such an issue. I have written earlier on this issue expressing similar views. 

What did Bibek Debroy write in the article?

Actually, Bibek Debroy wrote in the article that since 1973, we are being told that whatever may be the wish of our democracy, the basic structure cannot be changed through the Parliament. As far as I understand, the decision of 1973 is applicable in the present constitution, will not be applicable in the new constitution. The constitution that we adopted in 1950 is no longer the same. It has been amended and not always for the better. 

"How does India need a constitution in 2047?"

Bibek Debroy wrote that we have been told that its basic structure cannot be changed. If there is anything against it, the courts will interpret it. University of Chicago’s research on written constitutions shows that its average age has been only 17 years. It is 2023, 73 years have passed after 1950. Our constitution is largely based on the Government of India Act 1935, thus it too dates back to the colonial days. We have to think about how India needs a constitution in 2047. 

Lalu Prasad Yadav targets PM

After this article of his, a political storm arose. Former Bihar Chief Minister and RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav called it an attack on the Constitution. Lalu Yadav tweeted on Thursday (August 17) whether all this is happening as per the wish of the PM. Constitutional institutions are being abolished. Now there is a direct attack on the constitution. 

Manoj Jha encircles BJP-RSS

RJD leader and Professor Manoj Jha said in a conversation with ABP News that Bibek Debroy did not say this himself but was called from his mouth. The intentions behind this are also very clear. This statement of his has once again brought to the fore the disgusting thinking of BJP and RSS. The constitution of India is the best constitution. This is not acceptable. Their method is to throw pebbles in stagnant water and if it is creating ripples then throw more, and then say that this demand has started rising. 

"indicated to change the constitution"

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