‘Congress is not interested in the post of PM’, behind this announcement is the well-thought-out strategy and politics of the party, there is no sacrifice

On July 17-18, a grand gathering of opposition parties took place in Bengaluru. The purpose of this Mahajutan is to form a grand alliance, which can show the way out of power to Narendra Modi and BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. In this episode, the first meeting was held in Patna. Nitish Kumar has been involved in this whole exercise for the last almost one year and has also traveled from Kolkata to Bhubaneshwar, Delhi to Mumbai. Meeting of 26 parties took place this time, increasing from 15 parties. The most shocking attitude was of the Congress. The issue on which Kejriwal went to Delhi after being ‘enraged’ at the meeting in Patna,  The Congress also announced its support to the Aam Aadmi Party on the issue of the same ‘Delhi Ordinance’. Not only this, Congress has also clearly stated that it has no intention of getting the post of Prime Minister, Congress announced this ‘renunciation’ calling it a fight for ideology and saving the country. This sacrifice has forced people to think in many ways. 

Congress’s attitude is shocking, but not unexpected

Everything was not smooth and sweet in the Bengaluru meeting. The alliance of opposition parties has been named ‘Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (India)’, on which a controversy has also started. Looking at the legal side, it would be difficult to keep a name like India or Bharat, yes, this alliance can keep its name by adding something in front or behind it. Whatever may be the controversy over the name, but  ‘India’ TMC, Aam Aadmi Party and Congress tweeted from all three to take credit for naming. The next meeting of the alliance will be held in Mumbai and the 11-member committee will also be selected and the convener will also be selected.

Pragmatism and politics, not sacrifice, is the reason

The basic question is that what is the reason behind this ‘renunciation’ of Congress? So, the reason is politics and practicality. We must remember that in 2004, Sonia Gandhi had made an even greater ‘sacrifice’, even though conspiracy theorists keep saying that the then President himself had counseled her, or that she was not getting enough support in her name, but Sonia Gandhi not only formed the government, but also remained the proxy prime minister for 10 years, critics say. The Congress knows that it has bet on Rahul Gandhi many times and lost.

Therefore, she is trying to capitalize on the last chance of 2024 without Rahul’s name. Congress also knows that as soon as a candidate is announced against Modi, people will start comparisons, Modi himself will attack that candidate and destroy him with his speeches. For this reason, Congress wants to maintain the secret so that at least it can get benefit. Thirdly, the Congress knows very well that Rahul Gandhi is yet to get relief in the ‘Modi surname case’ and if his issue in the Supreme Court is not cleared before the 2024 elections, then Rahul will not be able to contest the elections. 

Congress wants to remove its fear from the minds of small parties and also wants shares in those places where its condition is bad. If only Bihar, UP and Bengal are added, then Congress is nowhere far and wide in these states. Means, it is just beginning with -162 seats in the election. Congress wants to recover the price of this big ‘sacrifice’ at these places also. The incident of Lalu-Tejashwi returning from the same plane along with Nitish tells that there is a mess somewhere. Nitish Kumar is also not happy with the name ‘India’ and he was the only leader who opposed it. It is also a matter to think that if everyone had to come back by chartered plane, then they could have come by speaking and participating in the press conference. Nothing very important is visible in Bihar, at the moment. Nitish and Lalu are probably worried that what will happen if Congress asks for more seats in Bihar? In Bihar and UP, giving ticket to Congress means accepting defeat on those seats. 

Congress will recover the full cost

If Congress has given support to AAP on the issue of ordinance, then it would like to recover its cost in Delhi and Punjab. Congress is not called Grand Old Party for no reason. She is the oldest and most skilled player in the game of politics. At the moment, Congress is solving the issues in front, it knows that if it brings anything in three-four big states, it will be to its advantage, because there it is zero. Apart from this, it is expected to get decent seats from Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu etc. For the time being, by not showing any interest in the candidate for the post of PM, the Congress has already given a big tingle to its fellow parties. The leaders joining this alliance must be praying for a repeat of the situation in 1996, when Indrakumar Gujral and Deve Gowda without any mass base had also become the Prime Minister. The Congress has already put the parties joining its own camp on the back foot with its ‘sacrifice’ bet. 

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