CM Kejriwal sets his agenda for 2024 elections, what did he say in the Assembly on the Delhi Service Act?

Arvind Kejriwal On Lok Sabha Elections: AAP’s national convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has set his agenda for the 2024 elections. He announced in the Delhi Assembly on Friday (August 18) that the next Lok Sabha elections would be fought on the issue of full statehood to Delhi. Along with this, he also claimed that BJP will lose all the seats in Delhi. 

Arvind Kejriwal’s scathing attack on BJP

The CM of Delhi alleged that today in Delhi 18 lakh poor children study in good schools, people get free treatment in mohalla clinics, the electricity bill comes to zero. People bless us. All the works they (BJP) have done have committed sins. Stopped treatment of people, stopped free electricity. Now if you commit sin then you will have to face the consequences. They will sit here (in opposition) for the rest of their life, now there are eight, next time even two will not be left. 

He said that PM Modi wants to defeat the people of Delhi and his son. I want to tell them that neither the people of Delhi will lose nor their son will lose, they will fight hard. I want to tell the people of Delhi that I will not let any of your work stop. The speed will drop slightly. We will definitely come back victorious in the Supreme Court, then work will be done faster in Delhi. 

The BJP government at the center took away the rights of the people of Delhi by enacting a law. But I assure the people of Delhi that I will get back your rights, we will not let the work of Delhi stop under any circumstances.

— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) August 18, 2023

"crushing democracy"

Arvind Kejriwal said that PM goes abroad and talks big about democracy and comes here and works to crush it. The model they have brought in Delhi is the Sanghi model where there will be officers above the CM. This is the fourth pass model. I will never let the people of Delhi bow down. 

BJP leader made a big claim

The AAP leader claimed that a few days back someone from BJP had come to me and was saying that either you support BJP or else you will be bent or broken. I want to tell them that no one has been born who can bend or break the people of Delhi, who can bend Kejriwal. 

"BJP will lose all seats"

CM said that now PM Modi was talking about the model of the next thousand years from the Red Fort. If this model is that there will be one PM, 32 governors and then they will run the country, then this will not happen. Even for a thousand years, the people of the country will not allow this model to run even for five years. upcoming BJP is going to lose all the seven seats in Delhi in the Lok Sabha elections and this election will be fought on the issue of full statehood for Delhi. 

Delhi assembly elections mentioned

He said that 2013 was the year, Lok Sabha elections were to be held next year in 2014, there was negativity towards Congress, there was Modi wave. Suddenly Delhi elections were held on 4 December 2013 and a new party which had no money, no resources, took 28 seats. Discussion started in the whole country that where did you come from. One can imagine what would be the condition of Modi ji.

Arvind Kejriwal said that our government lasted only for 49 days, but till date people remember those 49 days. We sent 32 officers to jail. People had never seen such a government. When cases of women’s safety came, I myself went everywhere. Electricity rates were halved, water became free. I had registered an FIR against the country’s richest man at that time by naming him, whose name today all parties are afraid to name.

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