Cheetah Death: Is radio collar the cause of death of 8 cheetahs in Kuno National Park in 4 months? Know the opinion of experts

Kuno National Park Cheetah Death: The continuous death of cheetahs in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park has raised the concern of the government. A total of eight cheetahs have died so far. Some experts attribute the deaths to substandard radio collars fitted to the cheetahs. These collars belonged to tigers but were put on cheetahs.

Government to these allegations "speculation without scientific evidence "  But ABP News has footage in which officials are seen examining the collar of a dead leopard. On the other hand, experts believe that there are many difficulties in front of the Cheetah project, anyway the Coono was not made for the Cheetah. 

The male cheetah in Kuno had an infection below its neck when Suraj’s radio collar was removed. Worms were full in the deep wound. Suraj is the 8th cheetah who died in the corners. It is claimed that before this a similar infection was found in the neck of Tejas Cheetah as well. This infection is spreading. This is happening because of the caller ID.

Cheetahs have African wildlife tracking radio collar 
There is news that another cheetah Pawan has been trancolized from Janagal and brought to the enclosure and infection is spreading in his throat as well. Similar disease has also been seen in two other leopards, Gaurav and Shaurya.

Experts believe that collars designed for tigers were put on cheetahs, due to which their necks are peeling and causing infection.  All of Kuno’s cheetahs have African wildlife tracking radio collars, although many experts question the quality of the collar’s belt.

Similar situation was faced in Panna too
R Srinivas Murthy, Retd IAAF said, "We had faced such a situation in Panna, but our monitoring there was 24/7. I did not know about the routine of monitoring here. If the belt is made of synthetic material, then it should be replaced with leather immediately because they itch due to infection. Sometimes there is humidity in the weather, if it rains, because of this they feel very uncomfortable and injure themselves more."

He further said that  Tiger also had maggots but we did not allow death due to monitoring. Although NTCA has said through a press release. There are media reports in which the death of cheetahs has been attributed to other reasons including their radio collars etc. Such reports are not based on any scientific evidence but are speculations and rumours.

When did the deaths happen?
Amidst these questions, the government has transferred the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) JS Chauhan, while the issue of the collar has not been resolved. On the other hand, State Forest Minister Vijay Shah is accepting that the help of experts from the country and abroad is being taken on the Cheetah project. A lot of what is happening happens in animals and is natural. On 27 March in Coono, a female cheetah named Sasha died of kidney disease.

Uday died on 23rd April, Daksha died on 9th May, 3 cubs born in Kuno died between 23-25th May. On July 11, a male cheetah Tejas was found dead. Now there are only 15 cheetahs in Kuno, of which 11 are in open forests and four cheetahs including 1 cub are in enclosures. The government has now decided that the koi will be kept in the enclosure throughout the rainy season. They will be monitored and then released into the wild.

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