Chandrayaan-3: Will Lander Vikram and Rover Pragyan work even after 14 days? ISRO scientist made a big disclosure

Chandrayaan-3’s Rover Pragyan and Lander Vikram are collecting scientific data from the moon and sending it to Earth. Almost half of the 14-day mission has been completed. There will definitely be a question in everyone’s mind that even after 14 days, will Vikram and Pragyan continue to work. M. Srikanth, who was a part of the Chandrayaan-3 mission, has given the answer. He has expressed the possibility that after 14 days of nights, Chandrayaan-3 can work again when the sun rises again on the moon.

According to the Times of India report, the sun came out on the moon on August 23 and there will be sunlight for 14 days. Till then Pragyan and Vikram will also continue to work, but as soon as the sun sets and the night begins, both of them will become inactive. However, when the sun rises again after 14 days of nights, Pragyan and Vikram may be back to work.

Srikanth said, ‘Our priority is to ensure that we collect as much scientific data as possible during a lunar day (14 Earth days), when there is sunlight. Now for seven more days the rover and lander will work on the moon and then they will stop working after the sun sets. We are sure that when the night ends and the sun shines, both of them will become active again and if this happens then it will be good for us that more data can be collected. Even if this does not happen, our mission will be accomplished.’

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