Chandrayaan 3 Updates: ‘Hello Earthlings…’, Pragyan Rover sent special message from Moon

Chandrayaan 3 Mission Updates: Pragyan Rover, who went with Vikram Lander of India’s lunar mission ‘Chandrayaan-3’, has told his condition from the moon. Pragyan Rover has sent a message, in which he has also inquired about the health of the people of the earth. Rover has told that he and his friend Vikram Lander are in contact and both are in good health. Along with this, there is also a message that the best result is coming soon.

Has Pragyan Rover given any message?
Pragyan Rover on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) with the name LVM3-M4/CHANDRAYAAN-3 MISSION Message has been posted. It said, “Hello Earthlings! Pragyan Rover of Chandrayaan-3. Hope you are doing well. Want to let everyone know that I am on my way to uncover the secrets of the Moon. Me and my friend Vikram Lander are in touch. We are in good health. Best result coming soon…”

Hello earthlings! This is ‘s Pragyan Rover. I hope you’re doing well. I want to let everyone know that I’m on my way to uncover the secrets of the Moon 🌒. Me and my friend Vikram Lander are in touch. We’re in good health. The best is coming soon…

— LVM3-M4/CHANDRAYAAN-3 MISSION (@chandrayaan_3) August 29, 2023

Chandrayaan-3 close to spending half a day on the Moon

Tell us that the mission life of Chandrayaan-3 has been calculated equal to one lunar day, which is equal to 14 days of the Earth. Its soft-landing on the South Pole of the Moon was done on Wednesday (August 23) at 6:04 pm. Thus it is close to spending about half a day on the Moon. Meanwhile, the Indian Space Agency ISRO has collected many important information about the Moon with the help of Lander and Rover.

Many Indian scientists, including ISRO chief S. Somnath, have expressed hope that Chandrayaan-3 can work in another lunar day as well. For this, it has to survive in the extreme cold temperature of the moon’s night. Experts say that when the sun sets, the temperature in some parts of the moon goes up to minus 203 degrees. 

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