Celebrate vacation in this mini Thailand of India, seeing the natural beauty here, you will forget the real Thailand

Mini Thailand Of India: People often plan to visit Thailand due to natural beauty and being best for couples. But if you are finding it an expensive deal to go to Thailand and you want to visit such a place somewhere in India, then there is a mini Thailand for you in Himachal Pradesh itself. You will be surprised to know that this place called Mini Thailand of India is so beautiful that at first sight you will forget the beauty of Thailand. Let us tell you today that where is this beautiful destination called Mini Thailand of India and what is its specialty. 
Visit the Country’s Mini Thailand
Jibee, situated in Himachal Pradesh, India, has been an example of mini Thailand for years. The natural beauty of Jibhi fascinates the tourists. The beautiful city situated in the lap of green valleys, mountains and greenery becomes a relaxed companion for any tourist. Among the local people, Jibhi is also known as Kuli Kantadi and Veer Ki Ar. The mountains of Jibhi situated in the middle of Tirthan valley are surrounded by dense and picturesque forests and the natural beauty inside it fascinates everyone. 
Jeebi is a mini Thailand in the middle of Tirthan Valley 
Talking about the special features of Jibhi, here is a calm and a big river tourist destination flowing between two big rocks. The river flowing between the two rocks presents a beautiful view and people come here and take the feeling of Thailand. Jibhi mountains are situated in the middle of Tirthan valley and natural beauty is scattered here at every step. There are valleys as well as rivers here. The forests of deodar trees are also dense and look very beautiful. People from all over the country and abroad come here to spend time in the calm and picturesque environment. 
The view of nature is beautiful here 
There is also a very beautiful waterfall in Jibhi which is hidden among the dense forests. Those who do trekking go to the dense forest and see the view of this natural waterfall and enjoy here. Jibhi is not only famous for mountains and greenery, here along with nature there are many ancient temples which will make you feel really happy.
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