Canadian NSA did not give positive answer on the issue of Khalistan supporters, what does the report say?

Canada On Khalistan Supporters Issue: Relations between India and Canada are going through a tense phase. Meanwhile, a report has claimed that during the G-20 summit held in India recently, Canada’s National Security Advisor did not give a positive response to NSA Ajit Doval on the issue of Khalistan supporters.
 < br />The report also fears that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is taking a stance against India’s concerns due to botbank politics. According to an HT report, during the G-20 summit, India’s national Security Advisor Ajit Doval had discussed with his Australian, British and Canadian counterparts the issue of growth of Sikh fundamentalism in their countries and also raised the issue of violence against Indian properties taking place there. 

Is Justin Trudeau doing botwank politics?

The report says it is understood that the Australian and UK NSAs responded positively to Indian concerns, but the Canadian NSA appeared unconcerned, as pro-Khalistan leader Jagmeet Singh’s New Democratic Party supports the minority Justin Trudeau government. p>

The report said it was clear from the NSA-level meetings that the Canadian government was under pressure from Khalistan supporters and would do little to help Indian interests, despite the fact that the US-based organizations banned under the UAPA were With the help of the organization Sikh for Justice, Khalistan supporters were openly threatening to kill top Indian diplomats posted in Canada. 

Trudeau blames Indian agents for the murder of terrorist Nijjar

The report said that instead of confronting Khalistan supporters, drug smugglers and gangsters taking refuge in Canada, on Monday (September 18) PM Justin Trudeau openly came out in support of radicals by blaming unknown Indian agents for the murder of terrorist Nijjar. Come.

Trudeau also decided to expel the Indian diplomat posted under official security in Ottawa and then did an undiplomatic act by naming him. At the same time, India also retaliated by expelling Canadian intelligence chief Olivier Sylvester and asked him to leave the country in the next five days."text-align: justify;">India also responded to the expulsion of the Indian officer

At the same time, according to news agency PTI, India on Tuesday rejected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegations that the murder of a pro-Khalistan separatist leader was possibly linked to India, calling it absurd and motivated by vested interests. India also expelled a senior Canadian diplomat from the country in response to Canada’s expulsion of an Indian official over this matter.

The report said that this action shows that relations between India and Canada are becoming more tense. Just a few days before this, both sides had decided to stop their talks regarding a bilateral free trade agreement. Relations between the two countries are tense due to the increasing activities of pro-Khalistan elements in Canada. Canada’s High Commissioner to India Cameron Mackay was summoned by the Ministry of External Affairs and informed about the decision to expel the senior Canadian diplomat.

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