Budget Session 2023: Parliament stalled for the 5th consecutive day, Rahul Gandhi raised slogans of shame-shame, 18 opposition parties protested. 10 big things

Parliament Budget Session: Parliament could not function on Friday (March 17) due to the tussle and deadlock between the government and the opposition on the demand for an apology from Rahul Gandhi and the formation of JPC in the Adani case< /p>

1. BJP appeared aggressive on Rahul Gandhi’s statement in London, BJP chief JP Nadda cleared the party’s stand by doing a video conference at 9.30 am and said, Rahul should apologise. Must be. 

2.  In a scathing attack on Rahul Gandhi over his statement about India at Cambridge University, Nadda said that he (Rahul Gandhi) has become a permanent part of the anti-national toolkit, And they have insulted 130 crore residents of the country including the Parliament. 

3.  Immediately after the video conference of BJP Chief, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge called BJP National President J.P. Countering Nadda’s statement, he said,  He (Nadda) is anti-national, so he is calling others anti-national, because he does not have any issue. 

4. Congress President Kharge said, if the government allows Rahul Gandhi to speak in Parliament, he will definitely say his words. The government does not want Rahul Gandhi to speak in the House, Kharge alleged, as it would expose his (BJP) lies.

5. During the uproar between Rahul Gandhi’s statement in London and JPC’s demand on Adani, during the proceedings of the Parliament, suddenly the mikes of the Parliament went mute and remained mute for about 20 minutes. . However, no input has come from the parliamentary administration regarding this incident. 

6. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reached the Parliament as soon as the proceedings of the Parliament started. BJP MPs started raising slogans of Shame-Shame on Rahul Gandhi as soon as they reached his Parliament. Parliament was adjourned till Monday amid heavy uproar. 

7. As soon as the proceedings of the Parliament came to a standstill, all the MPs of the opposition started protesting sitting on the ground in front of the Gandhi statue. Congress President Sonia Gandhi also came along with the opposition MPs in this demonstration of opposition and supported the demand to set up a JPC to investigate the Adani case. 

8.  BJP MP Nishikant Dubey took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi after the adjournment of the House, saying, he looks good when he looks but when he speaks, his truth is visible. goes.

9. Congress said about mike being muted for 20 minutes in Parliament, BJP has always been attacking freedom of expression. Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan said, why does the government not allow Rahul to speak inside the House? If there is guts, then the government should show it by speaking inside the House.  BJP people are afraid of Rahul Gandhi. 

10. Union Minister Anurag Thakur said, Rahul Gandhi himself said, it is unfortunate that he is an MP. It is really unfortunate that he is an MP. Lying has become his habit. He should unconditionally apologize to the country.

‘Rahul Gandhi has become a part of anti-national toolkit’, BJP chief said – Pakistan and Congress have the same language

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