Bihar Caste Survey Data Live: Nitish Kumar calls all-party meeting, results of caste survey will be discussed

Caste Survey Data Results: The data of the caste survey conducted in the state was released by the Bihar government on Monday (02 October). Now, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has called an all-party meeting on Tuesday (October 03) to discuss its consequences and what further steps should be taken. In which he has requested all the parties of the state to participate.

Nitish Kumar urged all the nine parties of the state to participate in it. He said the government will provide detailed information about the calculations behind the results and the economic status of the people surveyed. Bihar Chief Minister told reporters quoting news agency ANI, “After doing everything, the result came out. We have taken information about the financial condition of every family. We will present all the issues in front of everyone in the all-party meeting tomorrow. After taking everyone’s suggestions in the meeting, the government will take all necessary steps.”

Bihar government on Monday shared the results of its caste-based survey. The survey revealed that Other Backward Classes (OBC) constitute 63 percent of the state’s population. In the population of 13 crore, the share of Scheduled Castes is more than 19 percent, while the number of Scheduled Tribes is 1.68 percent. The upper castes or ‘Savarna’ constitute 15.52 percent of the state’s population. Bihar Chief Minister said that based on the report the government will work for the benefit of backward communities in the state.

The survey which started in January this year was stopped for some time by the Patna High Court. In fact, petitions were filed in the court regarding this. Leaders of the ruling Grand Alliance in the state have been alleging that the people who filed the petition were BJP supporters. The party denied this allegation. CM Nitish Kumar asked the question, what has BJP done for the backward people?

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