Bhagat Singh Birth Anniversary: ​​What did father do that made Bhagat Singh angry, letter written from jail – ‘…then I would have considered it no less than betrayal’

Bhagat Singh Birth Anniversary Special: The inspiring picture of Bhagat Singh, the only mother in the world, to kiss the noose before his death, but with a smile on his lips, is of Lal Sardar Bhagat Singh, the only mother in the world. . The very feeling of the presence of death terrorizes every living being in the world, but what kind of passion would there be for the freedom of the beloved country that a young man of only 23 years, seeing the noose to be hanged in front of him, hugged his comrades and laughingly kissed the noose. Took.

The sun had not even risen when the British government, which did not allow the sun to set under its rule, out of fear hanged this son of Mother India and his companions. There was not even a wrinkle on the faces of these sons who were facing death. Sardar Bhagat Singh had similar passion for the freedom of Mother India.

Father had advocated to save Bhagat

His birth anniversary is on 27th September. Today we are talking about his passion for patriotism, in which he wrote a harsh letter to his father for advocating for himself against the British government and said that if there was someone else in his place, I would have called him a traitor. This incident is of 4 October 1930. In the Lahore Conspiracy Case, the trial was going on in the tribunal against Bhagat Singh, his associate Sukhdev and Rajguru.

On 30 September 1930, Bhagat Singh’s father Sardar Kishan Singh filed an application in the tribunal demanding an opportunity to present a defense for Bhagat Singh, as he and some patriots felt that perhaps Bhagat could be saved from hanging. . As soon as Sardar Bhagat Singh got information about this, he wrote a letter to his father on 4 October 1930. However, his father received this letter late and the verdict of the case was announced on 7 October 1930. Let us tell today what he had written in the letter to his father.

Father, you failed in the exam

Bhagat wrote to his father that father, I am very sad. I am afraid that while blaming you, I may cross the limits of decency, and my words may become too harsh, but I will definitely express my views here in clear words. If someone else had done this, I would have considered it no less than treason. But in relation to you I would only say that this is a weakness of the lowest order. At this time we all were being tested and you have failed in this test. I know, father, that you are as much a patriot as any other person can be. You have dedicated your entire life for freedom, but at this crucial juncture you have shown such weakness which I cannot understand. In the end, I want to say to you and those who are interested in my case that I dislike this step of yours.  

Also asked to get his letter printed
Bhagat wrote in the letter, being your son, I fully respect your ancestral feelings and wishes, but despite this I understand that you There was no right to submit such an application without consulting me. I have never expressed any desire to defend myself, nor have I ever considered it seriously. At the end of the letter Bhagat wrote, "So that everyone knows the truth, please get this letter of mine published as soon as possible.”

He was hanged at the age of only 23

Let us tell you that Sardar Bhagat Singh was born on 27 September 1907 in Banga, Punjab. Bhagat Singh had chosen his path of dedication towards the motherland since childhood. Under the Lahore Conspiracy, the British hanged him at the age of only 23. This was the ill-fated day of 23 March 1931, when he sacrificed himself for Mother India in Lahore Central Jail with the dream of freedom for Mother India in his heart. Due to fear of provoking protests, the British hanged him before sunrise.

He used to say,

I am writing the outcome of which will begin tomorrow 
Every drop of my blood will bring revolution
Whether I live or not, this is my promise to you
that after me you will die for the country. There will be a flood of people 

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