Attack on the Central Government on many issues including martyrdom of soldiers, politics of polarization and Manipur violence, know the important things about the CWC proposal.

CWC Meeting Resolution: The Congress Working Committee (CWC) has dissolved the opposition alliance ‘India’ Of ‘continued solidarity’ on Saturday (September 16) and said that it reiterates the party’s resolve to make this alliance initiative a success so that the country is free from divisive and polarizing politics and the people get a transparent, accountable and responsible central government. .

In the resolution passed in the working committee meeting, BJP has been accused of polarizing and divisive politics. The resolution states that the Congress Working Committee will join the opposition alliance ‘Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance’ (INDIA) wholeheartedly welcomes the continued solidarity due to which BJP and the Prime Minister are quite nervous.  

It said that CWC ‘India’ The Congress reiterates the party’s resolve to make the initiative ideologically and electorally successful so that our country is freed from the politics of divisiveness and polarization, the forces that believe in social equality and justice are strengthened and the people are transformed into a responsive, sensitive, There should be a transparent, accountable and responsible central government.  

Target on BJP and PM Modi regarding martyrdom of soldiers 

The Congress Working Committee said that when the country was mourning the martyrdom of soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir, then BJP and the Prime Minister’s celebration in the national capital to congratulate themselves for the G20 is not only the height of shamelessness, but the martyrdom of the soldiers. Is an insult.    

The Working Committee appreciated the contribution of Mallikarjun Kharge as Chairman and Rahul Gandhi for the Bharat Jodo Yatra. He claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as a Member of Parliament was the result of political vendetta by the Prime Minister. The Working Committee said, ‘‘The CWC expresses deep satisfaction on the reinstatement of his Parliament membership as it marks the victory of truth and justice.’’

Demand for immediate removal of Manipur CM and imposition of President’s rule

The Congress Working Committee, while criticizing the Central and State governments for the Manipur violence, said it demands the immediate removal of Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh and imposition of President’s rule. He said, ‘‘The government in Manipur should make efforts to recover the looted arms and ammunition, restore public order, and end this extremely serious humanitarian crisis for thousands of affected people and refugees in the state. Also, a framework should be prepared for dialogue between different groups.’’

CWC reminded PM Modi’s first speech at Red Fort 

The resolution said, ‘‘The Congress Working Committee would like to remind that in his first speech on the occasion of Independence Day from the ramparts of the Red Fort, the Prime Minister had called for a ban on casteism, communalism and regionalism for 10 years. , But the irony is that due to the divisive and discriminatory policies adopted by the BJP and this government and the Prime Minister’s silence on selected matters, all these three problems have increased manifold in the last nine years.’’  

The resolution claimed that Prime Minister Modi’s government has not taken action against those oppressing the poor and vulnerable people, especially women, minorities, Dalits and tribals.

Congress Working Committee made serious allegations against BJP government 

The working committee alleged, ‘‘The political speech of BJP leaders inside and outside the Parliament is poisonous in the society. Their statements are hate-mongering and incite violence‚Ķ Investigative agencies have been misused for political vendetta against opponents. The BJP government has destroyed the principles and practices of cooperative federalism.’’

Farmers’ issues mentioned in CWC proposal

The working committee said that it reminds the Modi government of the promises made to farmers and farmer organizations on the issues of minimum support price (MSP) and other demands. The Working Committee said that farmers are burdened with increasing debt and agriculture and rural economy are in deep crisis, while small and medium industries are in the worst phase due to the impact of demonetization and lack of any kind of support from the government.

Government failed to revive the economy- CWC

It also alleged that the export market has shrunk and exports have declined. The Working Committee claimed that the engine of investment and consumption has slowed down and the government has failed to revive the economy due to which the economic scenario remains disappointing.

The Working Committee said that it seems that the only concern of this government is only about ‘headline management’ Is of. The Working Committee said it expresses serious concern over rising unemployment and the persistent rise in prices, especially of essential commodities.  

Allegation of giving immunity to those who attacked Gandhi’s legacy

The resolution said that the working committee would prepare a ‘new constitution’ It completely rejects the discussions and arguments full of malicious intent. The Working Committee claimed, ‘‘On the one hand, the Prime Minister preaches to the world about Mahatma Gandhi, while on the other hand, he gives free rein to those who use derogatory language against him and attack his legacy.’&rsquo ;

With reference to the Election Bill, the Congress Working Committee said that the Chief Election Commissioner and Other Election Commissioners (Appointment etc.) Bill introduced in the Parliament is going to seriously compromise the independence of the Election Commission in conducting free and fair elections. p>

Demand for JPC investigation into matters related to Adani Group

The Congress Working Committee has said that there is a need for investigation by the Joint Parliamentary Committee in the matter related to Adani Group. He called for ‘one nation, one election’ Rejecting the idea, he said that this is another attack on the federal structure of the country.

CWC said this on the issue of China

Criticizing the Central Government on the issue of China, the Working Committee said that a strong stand should be taken against any challenge to clarify the situation on the border dispute with China and to ensure the integrity of Indian territory. She said that she will build a country in which people of every caste and religion, rich, poor, young and old, all feel proud.

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