Anantnag Encounter: Anantnag attack happened due to betrayal, not counter firing, attack was done by laying a trap

Jammu Kashmir Anantnag Encounter Due to Betrayal: Four officers of the Indian Army sacrificed their lives in the Anantnag terrorist attack. While fighting the terrorists, Colonel Manpreet Singh, Major Ashish Dhaunchak and DSP Humayun Bhat of Jammu and Kashmir Police were martyred. The whole country is paying homage to its martyred sons with tearful eyes. 

The forest of Kokernag in Jammu and Kashmir is so dense that one cannot reach anywhere. There are high hills all around the forest and these mountains are also covered with dense trees. That means there is such an inaccessible area all around that it is very difficult to carry out any operation. At this very place, four officers of the country were martyred in the operation against terrorists.

Hindustan was stunned to hear the news of the loss of its three sons. These brave men were holding the front to take on the enemies of the country. Today we are going to tell you that these army officers were not shot in counter firing but were attacked by laying a trap."text-align: justify;">The country paid the price of ‘treason’
It was the early morning of 12 September 2023 when Kashmir was sleeping. Then the news reached the ears of the intelligence agency through an informer. The informer who was not working for the police but for the terrorists. He was a double agent in the guise of an informer. That informer brought the news to the Jammu and Kashmir Police that two terrorists of the terrorist organization Lashkar were hiding at an exact location in the forest of Kokernag."text-align: justify;">As soon as this news reached 29 year old brave officer and DSP of Jammu and Kashmir Police Humayun Bhatt, he came into action. According to SOP i.e. rules, DSP Humayun Bhatt asked Colonel Manpreet Singh, Commanding Officer of 19 Rashtriya Rifles, to immediately launch a joint operation so that the terrorists do not change their hideout. Colonel Manpreet Singh spoke to Major Ashish and immediately asked him to accompany him on the operation with a group of soldiers.

The troops of both Jammu and Kashmir Police and Army reached the location given by the informer. That location which was in this Kokarnag forest of Anantnag district. This operation was very difficult. There are maize fields, apple orchards, dense forests on the hills, the operation took place amidst these forests. 

Terrorists were waiting to attack in ambush
Officers felt that the informer’s news was confirmed and Lashkar terrorists might be present nearby. Joint search operation was immediately launched. Police and army units started getting ready to take charge. As soon as Colonel Manpreet Singh, Major Ashish and DSP Bhatt were planning the search operation, suddenly bullets started being fired. Both the terrorists were hiding on top of the mountain next to the same hideout in the forest and were waiting for the arrival of the Army and Jammu and Kashmir Police team to ambush them.

All three officers fell after being shot but continued firing at the terrorists. The terrorists were already in a safe place and escaped over the hill within seconds. The Colonel and the Major fell into a small ditch in the hill after being shot in this encounter while the DSP fell next to the hide out.

Along with searching the terrorists, a search operation was also conducted for the body on these hills. It took 6 hours to bring the body of DSP Humayun Bhatt. After the attack, Army and Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel chased the terrorists but terrorist Uzair Khan is a resident of Kokernag area and knows every nook and corner of these forests very well.

Uzair Khan is a category A terrorist.
Uzair Khan is a local Lashkar terrorist. There is a reward of Rs 10 lakh on him. Uzair is an A+ category terrorist. Uzair carried out this terrorist incident by taking advantage of over ground workers and the knowledge of the forest.

The country had to bear the brunt of the martyrdom of four officers because the informer turned out to be a traitor. That informer had told the terrorists when the army and police were coming. He had told the terrorists how and in what numbers the team was coming. Meaning the attack was done by laying a trap.

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