Amit Shah Rally: ‘Chhattisgarh is Lord Ram’s maternal grandfather, will not allow it to become Delhi’s ATM’, Amit Shah lashed out at Congress

Amit Shah In Chhattisgarh: Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed an election rally in Chhattisgarh on Saturday (September 2). During this, while pointing at the Congress, he asked, Rahul baba, tell me what you have done for the tribals. Not only this, he called the Bhupesh Baghel government corrupt.

He said, "I want to tell my tribal brothers that we have built Chhattisgarh and have maintained it. Raman Singh has done the work of beautifying Chhattisgarh. Raman Singh did the work of giving 32 percent reservation. The Congress government in Chhattisgarh has crushed the hopes and faith of crores of residents and made the state a stronghold of corruption to fill the pockets of its Delhi court.

‘BJP will bring out the dark deeds of Congress’
The Home Minister claimed that everyone from farmers to tribal sisters and brothers are suffering and are ready for change in the upcoming assembly elections. The BJP has taken a pledge that it will bring every corruption and black deeds of the Congress in front of the public.  

Congress accused of stealing rice
The Home Minister said, "BJP has done the work of giving loans to farmers at 2 percent interest. Former CM Raman Singh started sending rice to every house, uproot the government which steals the rice of tribals… No one should vote for this Bhupesh Baghel-government which is involved in rice scam." 
‘Chhattisgarh is the maternal grandfather of Lord Shriram’
Regarding Suryaan, the BJP leader said that today our Suryaan will be launched to go into the sun’s orbit It is done. Just a few days ago, Chandrayaan-3 landed on the moon. Addressing the people, he said that Chhattisgarh is the maternal grandfather of Lord Shriram. We have made statues of tribal freedom fighters. Has done the work of making a tribal the President.

‘PM Modi increased the fund of tribals’
Shah told that earlier there was funding of 24 thousand crores for tribals, which PM Modi increased to 1 lakh 19 thousand crores. Congress is eyeing the land of tribals. 

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