Amit Shah on Rahul Gandhi: ‘Indira Gandhi on foreign soil…’, said Amit Shah, targeting Rahul Gandhi

Amit Shah On Rahul Gandhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah attacked Rahul Gandhi on Saturday (March 18) over his statement in Britain regarding democracy. Referring to former PM Indira Gandhi, he said that she too did not speak about the country’s politics abroad. 

Amit Shah said in Delhi that Indira Gandhi had gone to England after the Emergency and the Shah Commission was formed at that time. During this, efforts were on to send Indira Gandhi to jail. Shah said that some journalists (in England) asked her (Indira Gandhi) how her country was doing, to which she said that there are some problems between us, but I do not want to say anything on them here. My country is doing well. I will not talk anything about my country. Here I am an Indian. 

What did you say on the ongoing deadlock in Parliament? 

Shah said at the India Today Conclave that there are many issues that are above politics and even former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi refused to discuss domestic politics on foreign soil. Regarding the ongoing deadlock in Parliament, he said that the party and the opposition should sit with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. They should come two steps ahead and we will take two steps further than that. Parliament will run, but you just hold reporter’s conference and do nothing, it doesn’t work.

What did Rahul Gandhi say? 

Rahul Gandhi had said during the UK tour that there is a barbaric attack on democracy in PM Modi’s government. He had claimed that the mikes are switched off when the opposition speaks in Parliament. Minorities are treated as second class citizens in PM Modi’s government. 

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