Ambulance driver misused siren, later stopped for breakfast, video viral

Hyderabad: A shocking case has come to light in Hyderabad, where an ambulance driver misused the siren to clear the traffic and then stopped at a roadside eatery to have breakfast. According to the traffic policeman, the ambulance driver did this even without any emergency. He told that there was neither a patient nor any emergency inside the ambulance. Only two nurses were present inside the ambulance. 

What is the whole matter
Actually, this whole matter is of Basheerbagh Junction, when the ambulance driver of a private hospital in Hyderabad pointed towards the traffic clearance by playing the siren, the policeman immediately gave him the clearance. But later the traffic police came to know that the driver had blown the siren without any emergency and went a short distance away to have breakfast on the roadside. 

urges responsible use of ambulance services, citing misuse of sirens. Genuine emergencies require activating sirens for swift and safe passage. Strict action against abusers is advised.

Together, we can enhance emergency response and community safety.

— Anjani Kumar IPS (@Anjanikumar_IPS) July 11, 2023

The driver gave this clarification
The traffic policeman told the driver that when you rang the siren, I gave clearance to the ambulance, but you are eating ‘mirchi bajji’ instead of going to the hospital and are drinking tea. After this whole matter, the driver was questioned and the incident was recorded. This video is becoming very viral on social media, in which the driver is standing with a bottle of juice in his hand. Giving his clarification, the driver said that he got down from the ambulance because a nurse had suddenly taken ill. 

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