Air Pollution: There will be a ban on the use of diesel generators in Delhi-NCR, the first phase of GREP will be implemented.

Delhi Air Pollution: If you live in Delhi NCR then this news is very important for you. In fact, in view of the increasing pollution in Delhi, the first phase of GREP (Graded Response Action Plan) is being implemented from October 1, due to which diesel generators will no longer be used. p>

Every year in the last months of September and early October, many things are banned in view of increasing pollution. Last year, a ban was imposed on industrial areas. This time diesel generator has also been included in it. Now diesel generators will not be used to run lifts in society and machines in hospitals. 

Lifts will not run without electricity
In this regard, Greater Noida DK Singh, who lives in a society, said, "The government takes such decisions suddenly. We are not at all prepared to deal with this. Only two days are left and we are still dependent on diesel generators. In such a situation, the government should give some more time."

Shankar Singh, who lives in the society, said, "As a citizen, I support this decision, but without lift it is not possible to go to 25 floors and electricity is not available 24 hours. In such a situation, the government should take some mandatory steps and find a solution as soon as possible."

What did the expert say?
At the same time, environment expert Manu Singh says that this is an excellent step. This will reduce air pollution. 3 to 5 percent of the air is polluted only because of diesel generators. Due to prevention, pollution will definitely reduce.

He said, "In the coming days, several lakh people will die only because of air pollution. It directly affects the lungs, due to which people die. The government needs to take more concrete steps regarding this."

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