After the controversy over the alliance in Delhi, AAP said, ‘Congress has clarified its stand, the matter is over now’

AAP-Congress Alliance: 

After this differences came to the fore between AAP and Congress. Rhetoric started from both the parties, but this matter came to an end on Thursday (August 17). AAP said that the whole issue has ended with the Congress clarifying its stand. 

How the controversy started?
After the Congress meeting, Alka Lamba had said, “No decision has been taken yet on whether to forge an alliance with AAP or not, but we need It has been asked to prepare on the seat. We will go to the public firmly after preparing properly on all the seven seats.”

Did you retaliate?
According to news agency PTI, AAP retaliated after these statements and said that Congress wants to contest elections alone in Delhi and opposition alliance ‘India’ in Mumbai. There is no point in attending the next meeting of.

Congress replied 
Congress’s Delhi in-charge Deepak Babaria said on the statement that Alka Lamba is a spokesperson, but she is not an authorized spokesperson to talk on such important issues. During the meeting, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi had also asked the leaders to give statements only according to the party line. 

How was the dispute between Congress and AAP resolved?
Saurabh Bhardwaj said that Congress itself has now denied its statement. He said, ‘‘It is good. The matter is over now. Congress has given clarification and everything is clear now. All the parties sit together and calculate and then such things are decided.’’

AAP’s Delhi state convenor Gopal Rai advised to be patient. He said, “The Congress party specified that the statements of some of its leaders were personal remarks. I think there is a need to be patient for the time being and a way will be found by the next meeting of the opposition alliance ‘India’ to be held in Mumbai. In fact, Congress and AAP are part of the 26-party opposition alliance India. 

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