AFINDEX Exercise: India preparing to beat China on foreign soil! Army will conduct military exercise with 9 African countries

Military Exercise With African Countries: India has started taking steps forward on its policies to increase its military reach in African countries. As an initiative to reduce China’s strategic influence in Africa, the Indian Army will conduct military exercises with African countries in Pune, Maharashtra this month. Along with this, a conclave of army chiefs of African countries will also be organized.

First Conclave of Chiefs of Army Staff of African Countries

It has been told by the army that 11 other African countries will send their observers in this military exercise. These countries include Congo, Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Morocco. After 2019, this is going to be the second military exercise between India and African countries. According to the information, along with the military exercise, the first conclave of the chiefs of army of African countries will also be held in Pune on March 28. 

It has been informed by the Indian Army that Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will address the conclave of the army chiefs to be held in Pune. In which the army chiefs of 10 African countries have already agreed and their representatives will be sent from 12 countries. As per the information, the Chief of Army Staff of India General Manoj Pandey will host this conclave.

How will China encircle African soil?

India does not have economic and military resources like China. Despite this, New Delhi has faith in its long-standing relations with African countries. It is being said that with this military exercise and the conclave of the army chiefs, India will get an opportunity to further strengthen its hold in African countries. It is important to mention that most African countries are already trapped in China’s debt trap. In this situation, for India, strengthening ties with them will strategically and tactically give the country an opportunity to gain an edge over China.

The first conference of Defense Ministers of India-Africa was held in Lucknow during 2020 on the sidelines of Defense Expo. Same, India-Africa defense talks were held at the DefExpo held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat last year. A military officer said that it has been very difficult to reach African countries in the last three years. The upcoming exercise and conclave will be based as an initiative to strengthen India-Africa ties. Which aims to increase the capability of African forces through cooperation.

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