Aditya L1 Mission: Aditya L1 took pictures of Moon and Earth, ISRO released video

Aditya L1 Solar Mission: The country’s first solar mission Aditya L1 is moving towards its destination. Meanwhile, the Sun-Earth heading for the L1 point Aditya-L1 has also taken selfies and pictures of Earth and Moon. This information was given by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on the social media site X (formerly Twitter). 

Earlier, Aditya L1 had successfully completed the second process related to the Earth’s orbit on Tuesday. ISRO had said, “The second Earth Orbit maneuver (EBN2) was successfully executed from ISTRAC, Bengaluru. ISTRAC/ISRO centers at Mauritius, Bengaluru and Port Blair monitored the satellite during the mission. The new orbit achieved is 282 km x 40225 km.” At the same time, according to ISRO, the third procedure related to Aditya L1’s Earth orbit is scheduled for 10 September at around 2.30 am IST.

Aditya-L1 Mission:

destined for the Sun-Earth L1 point,
takes a selfie and
images of the Earth and the Moon.

— ISRO (@isro) September 7, 2023

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