ABP C-Voter Survey: INDIA has given tension to BJP! Congress dominated in opposition unity? survey data eye opener

Lok Sabha Election Survey: next year

The name INDIA was announced for the Grand Alliance in the second meeting of the opposition parties held in Bengaluru on 18th July. According to the survey data, most of the people say that yes, BJP will find it difficult to attack the alliance. 

In this survey conducted by C Voter for ABP, 48 percent people said that BJP will find it difficult to attack the opposition because of the name INDIA. There itself. 34% said they don’t think so, while 18% looked confused and answered ‘don’t know’.

Do you think using the name INDIA will deter BJP from attacking the opposition?
Source- C-Voter
Don’t know- 18%

Will Congress dominate the platform of opposition unity? ? People gave this answer
26 parties are involved in INDIA. Meanwhile, a survey was conducted on another question whether Congress dominates the platform of opposition unity. Mixed reactions of people have come in the survey. In the survey, people were asked whether the platform of opposition unity has been hijacked by the Congress. In response to this, 37 percent people said that yes, Congress dominates the opposition unity, while 35 percent people said that they do not believe so. Whereas, 28 per cent people appeared confused and answered ‘Don’t know’.

Do you think Congress has hijacked the opposition unity platform?
Source- C-Voter
Don’t know-28%

After naming the opposition alliance INDIA, C-Voter has conducted an all India survey for abp news. The opinion of 2 thousand 664 people has been taken in this survey. The survey has been done on Thursday and Friday. The margin of error in this survey is plus minus 3 to plus minus 5 per cent.

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