2019 Lok Sabha election was the most expensive election in the world, so much money was spent that you will be shocked to read

Centre For Media Studies Report: Pictures of crores of rupees cash being seized during elections are seen every time, which gives an idea of ​​how money is spent like water in any state or Lok Sabha elections. Now a shocking report has come out regarding this, in which it has been told that during the last Lok Sabha elections (2019), about 8 billion dollars i.e. 55 thousand crore rupees were spent. After which this election destroyed all the records of countries around the world in terms of expenditure. This expenditure is more than the 2016 US presidential election. In which about $ 6.5 billion was spent. 

Expenditure increased 6 times in last 20 years
In 2019 Lok Sabha elections the BJP came to power with an even greater majority and Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister again. The report of the Center for Media Studies has come out regarding this election. In which it has been told that in the last 20 years from 1998 to 2019, the election expenditure has increased almost 6 times from 9 thousand crores to 55 thousand crores. 

BJP spent the most
It has been told in the report that the ruling BJP has spent half of this total expenditure on elections alone. That is, in comparison to all the other parties, BJP alone spent a lot of money on elections and broke all the previous records. About 90 crore voters took part in this election and it lasted for about 75 days. During this, a lot of money was spent on many rallies, large scale advertisements and social media campaigns.   

It has been told in the report that almost one-third of the total money was spent only on publicity. The second biggest expense was to send money directly into the hands of the voters. According to an estimate in the report, about 15 thousand crore rupees were illegally distributed among the voters. 

Thousands of crores of cash distributed to the people
In the report regarding the trend of distribution of cash, it has been said that it was seen the most in the last election. In this, 10 to 12 percent people told that they had received cash money. At the same time, many people also accepted that their acquaintances and people around them also received cash money to vote. It was used as a strategy by most parties in 2019.

The officials who prepared this report say that this is a report based only on that estimate, which has been prepared by researching media reports, analysis of candidates and election campaigns. Apart from this, there can be many other expenses. He called it the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

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