Imran Khan News: ‘Your captain will fight till the last ball, the government’s oppression…’, Imran Khan said amid panic in PTI

Imran Khan News: Amidst the ongoing uproar in Pakistan, former Prime Minister and Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has advised his close ones to hide. The PTI chairman asked on Wednesday (May 24), "Where are the people who talk about human rights and freedom in my government now? Now the conscience of the human rights people is not waking up."

Imran Khan further said, "I appeal to my people to hide. There is no need to appear. Hide in your respective homes. Internet has been cut around my house. As it happened with PPP in Ziaul Haq’s era, it is happening even today. Fundamental rights have ended in Pakistan, but the idea of ​​freedom is not killed by oppression. If the idea of ​​u200bu200bfreedom comes to the public, you cannot end it with oppression." 

‘Whoever we give ticket to will win’

‘I’m ready to talk’

PTI chief said, "I am ready to form the committee today. ready to talk. If this committee says that they have a solution, the country will run well without me, then I am ready to stay behind. Even I am ready to leave the country." Regarding the judges, Imran said, "To whom Allah gives responsibility, he takes a big test. It is your responsibility to save democracy. We do not see any other hope at this time."

‘Your captain will fight till there is blood’

Imran further said, "Allah has not created anyone for slavery. As long as there is blood in your captain, he will fight. Your captain will fight till the last ball." Along with this, he has alleged that due to the pressure and fear of the government, the leaders of his party are being forced to leave PTI.

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