Imlie 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie Learns About Dhairya’s Plot

Imlie 17th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie challenges Anu that she will show the world that Anu and Chini’s hearts are blacker than her hair. Anu angrily pulls her hair and finds a wig instead. Imlie says she can’t even harm her hair strand and runs from there calling her naani/grandma. Anu shouts she is not her naani and calls Chini to inform her. Atharva thanks Rudra for visiting his studio and bringing him back home. Keya comments that Imlie is not even at home for him and is least bothered about him. Atharva says Imlie cares for him and hence called him whole night, he will call her back and calm her down. Imlie follow Dhairya and Chini’s car. Chini asks Dhairya to speed up or else Imlie will catch them. Dhairya warns her to shut her up or else he will get her down. Imlie thinks who is a new partner who is support Chini now. Imlie’s attention diverts when she gets Atharva’s call. Dhairya loosens rope of drums on a truck and make them fall in front of Imlie’s car. Imlie stops her car. Chini taunts her and drives away.

Imlie picks Atharva’s call and asks if he is not angry on her. Atharva asks her not to give him so much respect and to return home soon. Imlie says she will after finishing some work. Atharva asks her to share everything with her as he doesn’t want any confusion between them again. Imlie says there won’t be any confusion until he supports her. Atharva asks if she is fine. Imlie says she is Imlie’s daughter Imlie and can’t lose any battle until supports her. He wishes her all the best. Imlie delivers heavy dialogue and drives fast. She notices Dhairya in a clip pharmacist sent and realizes he had visited her as a courier boss. She recalls all the incidents where Dhairya’s shows his hatred for Atharva. She notices Chini and Dhairya’s car and blocks its away. Dhairya asks her to get out of the way. Chini asks him to drush her down. Dhairya applies brakes on time and searches for Imlie. Chini asks where is Imlie. Imlie enters with an iron rod. She confronts Chini for printing wrong dates in concert tickets, creating misunderstanding between her and Atharva, and getting Rudra’s accident.

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