Imlie 15th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Atharva’s Ego Is Hurt

Imlie 15th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Atharva and Imlie go on a lunch date on family’s insistence and sit silently. Waiter asks for their order. They say they don’t want to have anything. Waiter says then they should leave as other customers are waiting outside. Imlie requests to give them 5 minutes and asks Atharva to have something. Atharva says he is not hungry, so she can have it. Imlie asks why did he come here then. Atharva says their family sent there here to talk and clear their differences. Imlie says he can start. He shows sorry on a plate. She draws a heart with sauce. They both smile and hold each other’s hands. A romantic Puinjabi song plays in the background. Imlie says they both were fighting with each other when the mistake is, stops and thinks someone else and she can’t discuss about it and spoil Atharva’s mood. Atharva asks mistake what? She says nothing and asks if they can order food. He orders food. They both feed each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Atharva asks waiter for a bill. Imlie asks him to also pack the cakes ordered. Waiter walks in and asks to prepare the bill. Dhairya hands him over bill and reminds him what to do. Waiter says how can he deny his neighor’s request. Dhairya thinks Rana family’s heir will feel the heat now. Waiter serves bill to Atharva. Atharva gives his card for payment. Waiter says his payment is declined. Atharva asks how is it possible. Imlie says its okay and pays from her card. Waiter returns to Dhairya and asks how did he know that DJ’s card will be declined. Dhairya recalls checking Atharva’s bank account details and not finding money much balance there. He says now American will be humiliated in front of his wife.

Atharva goes to check why waiter is delaying to bring packed order and hears him taunting that DJ got a good fate to enjoy meals at a costly restaurant on wife’s expenses. Dhairya hides seeing him coming. Atharva angrily holds his collar and confronts him. Imlie enters and sends him away. She then gives a lecture to waiter that he should learn to respect others and shouldn’t marry and ruin someone’s life if he has such a cheap thinking. She notices delivery boy’s cap there and asks waiter whose cap is this. Waiter stands silent. Dhairya gets tensed that Imlie must have seen his cap. Imlie walks out of restaurant searching for the cap owner. Dhairya hides and thinks if Imlie got a doubt that everything was planned. Atharva waits for Imlie in his car. Imlie gets in.

Atharva drives fast. Imlie asks him to slow down the speed as she wants to talk to him something important. She hows him a cap. Atharva pushes it away and says he is not interested. After reaching home, Atharva asks her to get down. Imlie asks him to accompany him. Atharva says so that everyone think that he can’t walk without her support and enjoys life on his wife’s expense. Imlie recalls Atharva promising to follow her always. She says why is he thinking like this while he supported her when she was jobless, why is he bothered about a stranger’s words. Atharva says he doesn’t know and shouts at her to go in and give him some space. Imlie walks in crying. Atharva drives his car away.

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