IMD Weather Update: May heat started falling in April itself, there is a possibility of heat wave in these states, know when you will get relief

IMD Weather Update Heat Wave: Severe heat is being felt in many states including Delhi. The mercury has reached near 40 degrees in the country’s capital, which is 3 degrees more than normal. This left the Meteorological Department (IMD) said that there is a possibility of heat wave for the next two days. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), heat wave conditions are likely to continue over the Gangetic regions of West Bengal, parts of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar for the next two days. 

Earlier, in the beginning of April, the Meteorological Department had forecast above normal maximum temperatures from April to June in most parts of the country, except some parts of the northwest and peninsular regions.  There is also a possibility of heat wave conditions for more than normal days in most parts of East and North-West India. 

May rain till 18-19 

IMD scientist Soma Sen Roy told news agency ANI on Saturday (April 15) that another western disturbance is coming, which will have an effect. There is a possibility of heavy rains in the hilly areas, it may rain till 18-19 in the plains. Today the possibility of heat wave was expressed in Delhi and surrounding areas. After that there will be a slight decrease in the temperature. The weather will change again. It has rained heavily in North Karnataka, Maharashtra recently.

Heat wave to hit Haryana, Punjab, UP

How much is the maximum temperature

According to IMD, isolated parts of Gangetic West Bengal till Monday (April 17), North Coastal Andhra Pradesh and Odisha till Saturday (April 15) and Bihar from Saturday to Monday (April 15 to 17) The heat wave is expected to last till . According to the Meteorological Department, at present the maximum temperature in central and north peninsular India remains between 40 and 42 degrees Celsius. The Meteorological Department says that after this, there is a possibility of heat wave in Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh between April 20 and 26. 

The heat wave condition is announced then , when the maximum temperature at any place rises to at least 40 °C in plains, at least 37 °C in coastal areas and at least 30 °C in hilly areas, or at least below normal 4.5 °C becomes more.

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