If you are fond of eating hot food, then first you must know its disadvantages, otherwise you will be upset.

Health Tips:  Some people always like hot food, be it winter or summer, such people always like to eat hot food. This habit is good in winter, but if this habit persists in summer also, then the band of health can ring. So even in summer if you  If you are demanding hot food then it is important for you to be aware of its disadvantages. 

Hazard of tongue burns

If you eat hot food even in summer then there is a danger of burning your tongue.  Not only this, your teeth can also be damaged by too hot food. Many times people’s palate gets burnt due to eating too hot food and blisters appear on it or the skin there gets torn off. Health experts say that eating very hot food can cause swelling in the throat and can also cause problems in the food pipe.

Damage to teeth

 Health exports also believe that eating too hot or too cold food can be harmful for the teeth. By eating too hot food, there are chances of spoiling the enamel in the teeth. Because of this, the health of the teeth can deteriorate as well as the beauty of the teeth can also be affected badly.

Can cause intestinal damage

There is a possibility of damage to the intestines by eating hot food in summer. Actually, when too hot food goes inside the stomach, it does not cool down for a long time and due to this, the intestines also have to face irritation. 

Stomach damage 

Doctors say that the heat of the stomach is already high in summer, in such a situation, eating hot food can cause stomach upset. The skin of the stomach can burn or the risk of blisters and burning sensation in the stomach increases. Actually in this season the body’s  Whatever goes inside, the body first cools down its temperature and then digests it. In such a situation, after eating hot food, it takes more effort and time for the body to cool it in the summer season and during this there is a lot of difficulty in digesting the food. In this case, there is a risk of burning sensation in the stomach, acidity, nausea and vomiting.
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