If you are also doing these 4 mistakes in food…. then you will not even know and you will become ‘diabetes’

By eating healthy food and making some necessary changes in lifestyle, all kinds of diseases can be avoided, even if it is considered a serious ‘diabetes’ disease. Diabetes may be considered an incurable disease, but the most important thing about this disease is that it can be brought under control with the help of healthy eating and good habits. 

Actually some people make such mistakes with their health, due to which diabetes disease makes them their victim. To avoid this disease, it is most important that you know what are the mistakes you do, which increase the level of blood sugar. Today we will tell you about the same mistakes, due to which the problem of diabetes can arise. 

Eating curd daily: Agreed that curd is called a healthy probiotic. But still you should avoid consuming it daily. Ayurveda also says that daily consumption of curd can lead to problems like weight gain and poor metabolism, which causes the risk of diabetes. 

Eating more at night: You must have heard many times that dinner should always be done like the poor. But there are some people, who fill their stomach with heavy food even at night. Having a heavy dinner puts more burden on the liver and slows down the metabolism, due to which the risk of many diseases increases.   

Overeating: Many times it is seen that some people do not like to throw food, so they eat all the food present in the plate under compulsion, even if their stomach is full more than necessary. It is said that food should always be eaten less than one’s appetite. If you are hungry for two rotis, then eat only one roti. Because eating more can cause you many diseases. Ayurveda experts also believe that eating more food than hunger can increase cholesterol, digestive problems and the risk of obesity.

There is no appetite, yet eating: Eating without hunger is also one of the reasons for falling prey to diseases. If you are not hungry and still you are eating food, then it means that you are inviting diseases yourself. This habit will not only make you a victim of diabetes, but will also increase the risk of many other diseases.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or a related expert.

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