If there is burning sensation in urine, then this Ayurvedic treatment of rice and wheat will remove all the problems in minutes.

Urinary tract infection causes: If you have burning sensation while urinating, sometimes there is blood in the urine or you urinate frequently but only a few drops come out when you go to the bathroom, then all these are symptoms of infection. Yes, you have got Urinary Tract Infection. Actually, many people ignore it, which can later turn into serious illness. By the way, if you pay a little attention, you can treat urine infection at home as well. You just need to have some patience and know the right treatment.

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Symptoms of urine infection. urine infection symptoms

If you have a continuous fever of less than 101 degrees and you are feeling cold. Not feeling well. Don’t feel hungry there. Back pain, going to toilet again and again, not passing urine in one go. Feeling of pain and heaviness in the stomach below the navel. Dark-smelling urine. If small children have urine infection, then they get vomiting. There are some such symptoms (urine infection symptoms) by which you can identify that you have got urine infection.

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Home remedies for urine infection. urine infection home remedies

If you have got urine infection, then Ayurvedic treatment is the most suitable treatment for it.

If you have urine infection, grind five to seven cardamom seeds well. Then add half a teaspoon dry ginger powder to it and add pomegranate juice and rock salt to it and then drink it with lukewarm water.

Whereas in urine infection, you should drink plenty of coconut water. This will give relief in burning sensation in urine and your stomach will also be cool.

If you are fond of eating fruits, then in case of urine infection, eat more citrus fruits. Take orange, seasonal etc. more in it. Eating these fruits kills the bacteria present in the body.

If you cook rice and throw away its water, then let us tell you that this rice water works as a panacea for urine infection. In case of urine infection, mix sugar in half a glass of rice water and drink it. This will end the burning sensation in urine.

If there is a lot of burning sensation in the urine, then mix a handful of wheat in water and keep it at night. Then separate the water in the morning and add sugar candy to the wheat and eat it. It gives great relief in case of urine infection.

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