Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Surili distances Shiv

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 17th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv apologizing to Surili and returning her gramophone. She says I can’t forgive you, its okay. He says your forgiveness is imp, Talwar is a big businessman, but I have cancelled the deal, can you forgive me. She asks is it so imp. Shiv says yes. She introduces herself to Shiv. Sasha comes and says Silly, you didn’t put the next batch in oven. Surili says thanks, I will go now, you can come to café sometimes. Shiv smiles and leaves. Raghu gives the flowers to Swati and compliments her. She says you have grown into a handsome man yourself. Madhu comes. She says nice flowers. Swati says its from the palace garden. Madhu asks why did Ranimaa call us today. Raghu says I don’t know, I m happy to be at your service. Sasha asks who was he. Surili says new customer, the gramophone broke because of him so he has got it repaired. Sasha asks Surili to know about Shiv. She talks to Zuzu uncle. She says just think Surili’s prince had come to meet Surili. Surili checks his profile and is shocked.

Ranimaa meets Swati and Madhu. She says I had called you and Swati here. Madhu says so kind of you. The vendor shows the clothes to them. Swati thanks Ranimaa for doing so much for her. Bandish gets Veera Kaka’s message. Shiv comes back to his car. Bandish says we will go back now, Ranimaa is waiting for you, can we go back to helipad. Sasha says everyone knows about Shiv, he is handsome, bachelor and charmer, what else do you want. Shiv sees the records and says 5 mins. He goes back to the café. Bandish gets a call. Veera asks about Shiv. Bandish says I m sending you the location, please come.

Sasha jokes about Shiv and Surili. Surili says I have no time for this, I have enough problems in my life. Sasha says he can buy the café if he wants. Surili says he can’t buy me, he came to apologize and he left. Zuzu says he will come to hear the music. Shiv comes and says I forgot to give this to you, the one who repaired this gramophone has told this, the records and gramophone are destined to be together. Surili says its my records, how did you get this. He says I got this from the same shop. She asks from Murad chacha’s shop. He says yes. She says we met at the event, then at the same store. She returns the money to him. He says I don’t want that. She says you might be a prince, you are a royalty, I can’t take this, thank you so much, I insist. She goes out. Ranimaa asks do you know this embroidery. Madhu says Patola. Ranimaa says we gift Patola to the new bahus, I would like to meet Hari and complete the formalities. Madhu gets worried. Shiv goes out. Diya falls down. He says sorry, did you get mad. He sees the card and smiles. She talks like Surili. She says thanks uncle for helping me. She runs to Sasha and Surili. She says mumma, I have made a card for daddy. Surili hugs her. Shiv looks on and leaves. Veera comes and says Ranimaa is waiting for you, come.

Swati tries the saree and gets compliments. Raghu says we will make arrangements for the event tomorrow. Ranimaa says people want to thank Shiv and me for giving a chance to the girls to get educated, you should come and meet Shiv. Swati says I will come. Ranimaa says you were never ordinary, you were special. Madhu says I feel unwell, we will leave now.
Sasha asks Surili to become a princess. Ranimaa says I will talk to Shiv about Swati and his marriage. Shiv comes home.

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