How to identify sweet and hot capsicum while buying? Famous chef told a pro tip, what do you go?

How To Buy Bell Peppers: Capsicum is used in making noodles, vegetables, salads, fried rice, pizza etc. This nutrient-rich vegetable may have chilli in its name, but its taste is usually not pungent. You must have also seen many different types of capsicum in the market, so many times you may not be able to understand which capsicum is good for vegetable and which for salad etc. If you also live in this confusion, then the pro tip of famous celebrity chef Pankaj Bhadoria will be useful for you.

Chef Pankaj Bhadoria shared a video on Instagram and told how you can choose the right capsicum by going to the market. If you want to make vegetables or noodles, then there is a different type of capsicum for it and if you want to prepare a salad, then there is a different type of capsicum for that. Let’s learn how to identify them.

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Tips for identification of capsicum. Tips For Identifying Capsicum

The number of lobes on capsicum determines its taste and pungency.

  • Capsicum with 3 lobes is sharp and it is perfect for cooking.
  • 4 lobes are sweet and better for salads.

Next time you also go to the market to buy capsicum, do keep this in mind.

Benefits of capsicum | Benefits of Capsicum

  • Capsicum i.e. capsicum is helpful in controlling blood glucose. Also can help in healing dyslipidemia, cancer and wounds. This vegetable rich in vitamin C boosts immunity.
  • It promotes metabolism and can also be helpful in preventing cataract in the eyes.
  • It is also known for its relief in arthritis, Crohn’s disease and yellow fever.

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    If these tips helped you to identify capsicum, then do let us know in the comment section.

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