Hooliganism will not be tolerated in Karnataka, take action on inflammatory posts – CM Siddaramaiah’s instructions to police officers

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah: After forming the government in Karnataka, the Congress is now moving ahead with its promises. At the same time, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is also holding meetings continuously. In this sequence, CM Siddaramaiah addressed a meeting of senior police officers. The CM directed the police officers to give priority to solving traffic problems in Bengaluru city and curbing cyber crimes. During this, the CM interacted with the police officers on many other issues as well and gave instructions to them. 

Strictness on social media too
Chief Minister Siddaramaiah addressed this meeting at Vidhanasouda Conference Hall. CM said to the police officers present here, CM "People have elected a new government with the hope of change. The authorities should work to answer their problems." During this, CM Siddaramaiah also appeared very strict about the provocative posts on social media. The CM told the officials, to hold a separate meeting to discuss the issue of traffic jams in Bengaluru city and strict legal action to be taken against objectionable, inflammatory and inflammatory posts on social media.

Treat people politely
Siddaramaiah, during a meeting with police officers, suggested that the policemen posted in PCR should be vigilant, so that crime can be prevented. Apart from this, he also talked about behaving politely with the people who come to the police station with complaints and visiting the police stations. CM also directed to work towards getting justice to the people. 

Hooliganism will not be tolerated
Siddaramaiah also mentioned illegal activities happening inside the police stations. He said that the strictest action should be taken to stop such works. Apart from this, the CM said that our government does not tolerate hooliganism, illegal club activities or drug mafia. Siddaramaiah said that the officials and officers concerned will be responsible if the peace system deteriorates. 

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