Hindu Dharma: Man is born alone and dies alone, then who is the witness of the deeds of sin and virtue? Learn

Hindu Dharma Shastra: In the fifth chapter of Acharya Chanakya’s policy, it has been said that- Narkeshu Patayek Eko Yati Paran Gatim.

Means the creature alone gets trapped in the cycle of birth and death, alone bears the fruits of sin and virtue. Alone one suffers many types of sufferings. He alone attains salvation. Because parents, siblings, relatives cannot share his sorrow.

In the Vedas and Puranas, religion and unrighteousness have been explained. In this religion ‘virtue’ and iniquity ‘sin’ are called. There is no time limit for doing deeds like sin and virtue. Man can do sin or virtue in his whole life, in a year, in a day or even in a moment. But the enjoyment of sin and virtue is not completed even in thousands of years. That is, whatever sin or virtue you have done in your life, you have to bear the consequences of that karma while you are alive or after death.

Who is the witness of sinful and virtuous deeds?

The creature comes alone in the world and goes alone after death. The family leaves before going to the crematorium, the fire burns the body. But the good and bad deeds done by him go along with him and he alone bears the brunt of his deeds. But the question is, if the creature comes alone and goes alone. Or if someone does bad deeds secretly, then who is the witness of his good deeds?

14 witnesses of good deeds

Just as the sun does not live in the night and the moon does not live in the day. Even fire does not keep burning continuously. But in the day, night and evening, there is one who definitely remains there all the time. There is something in the world as well, which always stays with the creature. That’s why when a person does a wrong deed, then Dharmadev informs about it and the creature definitely gets its punishment. It has been told in the scriptures that whatever good or bad deeds a man does, there are fourteen witnesses. One or the other of these always stays with man. The 14 witnesses of man’s actions are as follows- Sun, Moon, day, night, evening, water, earth, fire, sky, air, senses, time, directions and religion.

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